Extremely fine seams are essential!

All projection screens made of soft-PVC are welded with almost invisible seams on our high-frequency (HF-) foil-welding machines. The seams are narrower than 1 mm, almost flat, due to a special procedure und despite being so fine, they are very strong. The individual lengths of the finished product appear only to be connected at the outer edges of the foil lengths. The fine seams with no overlap are particularly important for back- and sidelight projections in theatre and show applications, to effectively avoid unsightly dark lines due to welding seams and shadows.

Every format and size!

We have manufactured screens from miniature formats of 0,5 x 0,5 m up to horizons measuring 23 x 20 m or more. Circles, polygons, door cut-outs, waves –everything is possible. We have our self-constructed HF-machine for special requirements of this kind and for special shapes.

Blow it up!

Inflatables, gas-proof objects, displays, sculptures, balls of every form and size – also with enclosed objects from gimmicks to a plane - our HF-welding technician is one of the few masters of his craft worldwide.

He looks forward to fulfilling even your most unusual wishes.