LIFT IT PW Kompaktkulissenzug BGV-C1

Places of use

Lift it PW BGV-C1 is used for small and medium sized theatre stages, multipurpose halls, community centres, school stages, congress- and day centres etc. Its excelling qualities are the compact build, precise rope rolling and compliance with BGV-C1 guidelines.

LIFT IT PW Kompaktkulissenzug BGV-C1

An option for small budgets

Lift it BGV-C1 has a previously unknown price-performance ratio for a scenery hoist compliant with the BGV-C1 standard. Lift It PW 300 makes full compliance with safety standards for stage and event locations possible, on a small budget.

Lift it PW BGV-C1 is ideal for lifting scenery- and bar hoists, light trusses, chandeliers, flag poles, rigs and much more.

LIFT IT PW Kompaktkulissenzug BGV-C1

Plug & Play

Lift it PW BGV-C1 is conceived as a plug & play unit. The only requirements for assembly and installation, other than a stable wall or basic construction, are a 16 A power connection and the control cable included in delivery. Further connection work by a certified electrician is not required.

Simply connect Lift it PW BGV-C1 to a power socket and to the control element with the control cable included in delivery. The integrated direction guard prevents the motor from starting in the case of phase inversion, thus providing an additional safety factor. Should phase inversion occur in the in-house system, this fault can easily be corrected by the user with the phase inverter in the 16 A plug and a flat screwdriver.

LIFT IT PW Kompaktkulissenzug BGV-C1

Employment examples for Lift It PW BGV-C1

“Lift it” can be used in any position on the floor, wall and ceiling.

1) Scenery hoist use: “Lift it” attached to the floor.

2) Scenery hoist use: Lift it in wall assembly: The first deflection pulley can be mounted directly after the rope exit, as the ropes run out on the side with precise accuracy.

3) Use as a chandelier hoist

4) Use as a tension point hoist (max. 200 kg for the standard version)


Control panel

Control panel with up, stop, down and emergency stop functions and control LEDs for overload, underload, emergency limit switching and operating status.


What does BGV-C1 mean?

BGV is the abbreviation for the professional association regulation of the VBG (administrative professional associations). This is a German institution, whose function, amongst others, is to ensure the highest level of employee protection. In this function, the VBG develops guidelines that machines, systems, materials etc. must fulfil for operation to be admissible. These guidelines are recognized as state-of-the-art for the stage area in the entire German-speaking world and increasingly in other European countries as well, thus becoming regulations and laws.


Lift it PW is subject to machine guidelines for employee protection and the same yearly check cycles. The drive and the entire system must be checked by a specialist once a year and by an expert every 4 years.

TÜCHLER offers this service

In Austria: Yearly checks according to §8 of the work equipment regulation

In Germany: checks according to BGV-C1 by a specialist yearly and by an expert every 4 years


Technische Daten
  • Lifting height: 12 m, available in over lifting heights if required.
  • Lifting speed: approx. 20 cm/s
  •  Own weight without rope: approx. 138 kg
  • Rope weight 6 mm, 4 x 30 m: 12 kg
  • Own weight control: 7kg

Connection values

  • Engine performance: 1,1 kW
  • Nominal voltage: 3 x 400V / 50 Hz
  • Rated current: 4.1 A
  • Duty cylce: S3-60%
  • Protection class: IP54