Dance Floors, Event Floors and Protective Floorings

Dance Floors, Event Floors and Protective Floorings

The large selection of TÜCHLER Performance Floors offers you multifunctional floorings for your event. From event floorings in a wide variety of colours to double-sided Marley floors, dance floors and dance surfaces all the way to particularly resource-saving protective floorings for sensitive floors made from recycled PVC, you will find every flooring and surface for stage, event, theatre or opera.

Each flooring is flame retardant and has a flame retardant test certificate in accordance with EN13501 (formerly DIN 4102 B1).

We are here to provide you with the best advice to help you turn your rough dance floor into a shiny dance floor, simply call us or use the live chat!

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    The comfortable all round flooring for everything from ballet halls to event venues rapid flat position for dance, stage and event use.lots of colours in stockAlso suitable as a protective covering

    from 3 x roll 25m per m² €26.70 €22.25

    High-End dance carpet and stage surface increased safety through embossing on surfacethe matt surface illuminates very well under lightingHigh standing safety through specially embossed surfaceSilk

    per roll 20m per m² €28.68 €23.90

    Uniquely light dance, stage and studio floor for stage, dance, event, TV and film with fiberglass insert!available from only 200lfm in your desired colourEasy to handle due to width 150cm and low

    from 3 x roll 40m per m² €22.20 €18.50

    The double-sided, robust universal genius of dance and stage surfaces.especially popular amongst top dancers. Can support heavy stage loads and forkliftsAlso suitable as a protective covering for

    from 3 x roll 20m per m² €29.59 €24.66

    Light, double-sided dance carpet for stage, dance and events. Its low surface area weight and good dimensional stability make Moondance the ideal floor covering for any mobile purpose.Why should you

    per lm €26.26 €21.88

    Achieve perfect bluebox and green box keying with the Chromakey floor from Tüchler.The ground for professional TV studios and YouTubers. Chromakey Floor is the ultimate Chromakey flooring that

    from 3 x roll 40m per m² €23.32 €19.43
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NEW 2020:


for professional dancers and all dance enthusiasts In the FLOORWINGS Collection, we have incorporated all the findings from the last 20 years into new, further improved dance carpets and sprung floor systems. All dance professionals and dance enthusiasts who are looking for a special floor will find it here: - dance carpets, sprung floors and Mobile parquet for professionals. - Tanzteppiche, Schwingböden und
Mobilparkette für Profis


What is a “Marley floor”?

Marley was one of the first companies to launch a double-sided PVC flooring for dance, stage and other events. Even though the last Marley factory closed around 1978, the term “Marley floor” is still frequently used as a synonym for PVC dance floors and event floorings.

What are dance floors used for?

The original purpose of dance floors, which has remained the same till this day, is on the one hand to provide an ideal surface for dancers that is not too slippery, but also not too sticky, allowing ballet dancers in particular to display their high art perfectly and safely. On the other hand, it is also a matter of covering visual and safety-relevant defects on the stage such as boreholes, wooden splinters and cracks.

It quickly became clear how practical dance floors are in general. Today, it is standard to use them for spoken theatre, events, shows, television, mobile stages, stage platforms and much more.

Thanks to its many advantages, dance floors are the ideal universal event flooring.

Event floorings are now available in many colours and have thus become a decorative element and part of the stage design. TÜCHLER dance floors and event floorings are incredibly easy to care for. They can be rolled out on the respective surface and immediately lie flat and simply rolled up again after the event and transported and stored on a TÜCHLER storage and transport cart.

TÜCHLER dance floors and event floorings can also be used as protective floorings on sensitive surfaces. Gyms protect their sports floors, palaces their parquet floors, hotels their marble floors and carpets from the stresses of major events.

TÜCHLER dance floors and event floorings are almost indestructible and can also be used with heavy loads such as forklifts or stage carts.

Robust digital printing on TÜCHLER dance floors and event floorings

With digital printing, dance floors and event floorings are designed according to your specifications in a special process. The resulting picture floors can be used for months even in heavily visited permanent exhibitions.


TÜCHLER dance floors, event and protective floorings meet the fire classes in accordance with EN 13501 

Fire safety and fire protection are the top priority at every event! All TÜCHLER dance floors, event and protective floorings are tested in accordance with the European fire protection standard EN 13501 and, depending on the product, meet the highest fire class Bfl or at least Cfl for organic floors, as well as smoke category s1 or at least s2. You will find detailed information for each product in our shop.

Why do the floors not have a flame retardant certification in accordance with DIN4102-B1?

DIN 4102 has been withdrawn for floors and replaced without exception by the EU-wide fire protection standard EN13501. The maximum fire class that can be achieved for materials that are not made of stone, glass or metal is fire class Bfl. However, the fire class Cfl is still considered fire retardant and in most cases may be used for stages and events.

The smoke development is rated as s1, s2 or s3, with s1 being the best rating.

Your regional authority or your fire protection officer will tell you which fire class and smoke rating your event floor must meet.

Do you have questions about dance floors and event floorings? We are happy to help!

Simply call us or send us a chat message or an e-mail!

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