Flame Retardant for Wood

Flame retardant for decorations, stage sets and much more made of absorbent wood

ECOGARD® B45 flame retardant and ECOGARD® Cell flame retardant prevent the lighting or ignition of absorbent wood by ignition sources such as flames from lighters, candles, glowing objects, electric beams, hot light lamps, sparks, gas burners and the like. The experienced team at TÜCHLER is happy to help you choose the most suitable flame retardant.

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ECOGARD® flame retardants for wood are particularly suitable for these applications:

  • Wooden pallets
  • Pallet furniture
  • Wall panelling
  • Ceiling panelling
  • Stage decorations
  • Stage sets

ECOGARD® flame retardants for wood work on these types of wood:

Basically, ECOGARD® flame retardant products have an effect on all absorbent woods.
The effect is particularly strong on soft types of wood such as:

  • Spruce
  • Fir
  • Poplar
  • Birch wood
  • Balsawood

Hardwood species such as beech or oak can also be treated in most cases.

How to use ECOGARD® flame retardant for objects and decorations made of absorbent wood:

  • Ideally, spray the fire retardant on the item to be protected
  • Alternatively, the flame retardant can also be applied with a brush or painter’s brush
  • For particularly high effectiveness, you can also use a dipping process

Please note that:

  • ECOGARD® flame retardant has a stronger effect the better it is absorbed by the wooden object to be protected.The effect is reduced with non-absorbent woods. There is no fire retardant effect on water-repellent wooden surfaces. 
  • Flame retardants often do not work adequately with wood that contains a lot of resin or naturally oily wood such as teak.
  • ECOGARD® flame retardants are water-based products. Use water to test if the object you want to protect can be treated with the flame retardant. Any visible changes to your wooden object after treatment with pure water will also occur when using the flame retardant.
  • We cannot make any statements as to the permanence of paints or varnishes on wood that has been treated with flame retardant. 
  • We cannot say what effect paints or varnishes have on the fire retardant effect previously achieved.
  • Therefore, always test thoroughly!
  • Always pay attention to the warnings and application instructions for the respective product!
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