Flame Retardant for Blended Fabrics

Flame Retardant for Blended Fabrics

Quickly make blended fabrics flame retardant by spraying on ECOGARD® B45 flame retardant and letting it dry. 

You can achieve a strong flame retardant effect on decorations and curtains made of blended fabrics, making it impossible to ignite them from ignition sources such as flames from lighters, candles, glowing objects, electric beams, hot light bulbs, sparks, gas burners and the like.

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ECOGARD B45 flame retardant for synthetic fibres is particularly suitable for these applications:

  • Curtains
  • Wall covers
  • Ceiling canvasses
  • Draperies
  • Decorations

ECOGARD B45 flame retardant works on these blended fabrics:

  • Polyester-cotton/linen/viscose
  • Polyester/polyamide - wool
  • Polyamide - polyester

How to use flame retardant ECOGARD®B45 on blended fabrics:

  • Spray the fire protection product evenly on the fabric and allow it to dry well.
  • Industrial use on textile machines (foulards, stenter frames, etc.) is also possible for professional textile suppliers.

Please note that:

  • ECOGARD® flame retardants have a stronger effect the better they are absorbed by the object to be protected.With textiles that are not very absorbent, such as water-repellent or dirt-repellent fabrics, the effect is reduced or there is no fire retardant effect at all. 
  • ECOGARD® flame retardants are water-based products. Use water to test if the object you want to protect can be treated with the flame retardant. Any visible changes to your object after treatment with pure water will also occur when using the flame retardant.
  • Not all fibre blends can be made sufficiently flame retardant, so it is imperative to test the fabrics before using them. The team at TÜCHLER will also be happy to test them for you.
  • We cannot say what effect subsequent painting will have on the fire retardant effect previously achieved.
  • Therefore, always test thoroughly!
  • Always pay attention to the warnings and application instructions for the respective product!
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