Fall protection systems are 100cm high, optionally 100cm or 200cm long and are used on stages where there is no audience. The fall protection devices are attached to the platform frame by means of two frame clamps per unit and indicate the end of the stage surface. They absorb so much force that a person moving backwards is alerted to the end of the stage.


Safety railings

Safety railings are mandatory in grandstands open to the public. They are 110cm high and also available in 100cm and 200cm width. They absorb 100kg/m of force at the upper spar and are thus by definition panic-proof.


Stage stairs & stairs handrail

There are 2 types of stage stairs available: Classic Stage Stairs and Advanced Stage Stairs. Stage staircase Advanced offers the advantages of low storage space requirements due to uniform step modules and variable step heights (15/16, 67/20cm). Classic stage staircase is self-standing and can be combined with any stage system. Various handrails are available to match the Classic and Advanced stage stairs.


Legs and joints

The corner connection is reinforced by a special aluminium profile on the inside. The leg mounts are connected to the frame on all sides with high-strength, maintenance-free stainless steel rivets that cannot be released by vibrations. Telescopic legs made of galvanized carbon steel profile, galvanized steel pressure plates 40x40x10 mm and M12 adjustment screws for fixation ensure that the pull-out is pressed with the fixed profile in a TÜV-tested manner.


Weighing transport

All storage and transport trolleys can be equipped with either hard rubber or floor-protecting Vulkolan heavy-duty wheels.



All surfaces are available as HANDY® Standard as well as HANDY® ProLine.




  • Area | Payload
    • 2000x1000 | 750kg/m2
    • 3000x1000 | 750kg/m2
    • 2000x2000 | 500kg/m2
  • Dynamic payload 130 kg
  • Gap 5mm +- 3mm
  • Overall height retracted 260 mm
  • Height extended 1460 mm
  • Useful stroke 1200 mm
  • Adjustment time 32s with drive at 1200rpm
  • Weight 277 kg

Safety railings

  • Dimensions 1000mm x 1100mm
  • Force absorption 150 kg/lfm
  • Weight 13 kg

Standard tests

  • Static
    • EN 13814, ÖNORM B4600
  • Flame retardancy
    • DIN 4102 B1 (optional), REI 30 (optional)


  • Panic protection single for attachment via frame clamps to the platform frame
  • Groove to accommodate Velcro strap to attach flounces to it.
  • Connector for fall protection (straight) either corner inside and corner outside
  • Connectors for safety railings on grandstands
  • Diagonal holders
  • Corner connectors for safety railings
  • Plug-in set for holding either hard rubber or floor-friendly
  • Vulkolan rollers to turn pedestals into rolling platforms.
  • Level connectors for safety railings on grandstands
  • Chair anti-slip protection with panic protection against slipping of the rows of chairs
  • Panic protection level, optionally for 2 or 4 chair legs

AÜ 310723