TÜCHLER lets the curtains “rise”.

4 self-rising gathering curtains suspended from aluminium trussings were manufactured to divide the Stadthalle Graz. The Drape System RZ1 with the integrated self-rising function is state-of-the-art and easily operated via DMX control system. Each of these double-layered curtains made of SAT SUN CS measures 17 m x 17 m and is double-sided. Thus, by simply turning the system around, another curtain colour (silver-grey/anthracite) is visible. The curtain is smooth when lowered and can be raised in a gathering motion until it is approx. only 180 cm in length including the truss height.

We rounded out our services for the Stadthalle Graz with the delivery of the stage system of HANDY stage platforms.



Construction, Delivery & Installation


  • 4x mobile Drape Systems RZ1 17 m x 17 m double-sided, self-rising
  • 2 acoustic damping blackout curtains 37 m x 17 m, double-layered made of SAT SUN CS
  • DMX control system for the drape system
  • Control system for the integrated raising function
  • Stage system from HANDY Pro-Line stage platforms with a height of up to 170 cm