Chromakey Studio

Bluebox and Greenbox floor and fabric for chroma keying studios for film, TV and video.

We manufacture, assemble and lay your chroma key - background and floor in your studio.

The coordinated set:

  • Greenbox flooring COLORX 150 PLUS digital green # 742
  • Fabric CHROMAKEY SCREEN digital green # 742
  • NEW: CHROMAKEY color digital green # 742


  • Bluebox flooring COLORX 150 PLUS digital blue # 674
  • Fabric CHROMAKEY SCREEN digital blue # 674

Bluebox or greenbox floor that matches the background fabric and the paint of the Chroma Keying Studio - that is what you will find with our CHROMAKEY SCREEN and dance carpet COLORX 150 PLUS and the Chromakey paint. Both the floor, the fabric and the paint are available in the same colors, namely digital green # 742 and digital blue # 674, which are coordinated with each other. The matching of the colors represents the maximum of what is technically possible today when coordinating such different materials.

The COLORX 150 PLUS floor can be driven over by cameras and is easy to clean. So that static charges are avoided when cleaning, we recommend the universal cleaner ANTISTAT.

CHROMAKEY SCREEN consists of a permanently washable flame retardant polyester fiber and can be washed if it is contaminated. The material is opaque, roughened on one side and therefore matt. The combination of matt and at the same time light color with a steep peak enables quick and precise keying with extremely few artifacts.

CHROMAKEY PAINT is highly elastic and can be painted on PVC, wood, paper, plasterboard, concrete, metal and many other materials. Both the keying floor and the screen and color are reference classes and are used by well-known film and streaming providers in their studios.



The wide backdrop fabrics:
HORIZONT BLUEBOX and GREENBOX CS in 6.2m and 5.2m width

The two horizon fabrics BLUEBOX and GREENBOX CS, with their available widths of 620cm and 520cm, make it possible to cover large areas without having to sew strips together.


The inexpensive greenbox background:
Stage molton GREEN SCREEN B1

For less high keying demands and a small budget, stage molton GREEN SCREEN is the material of choice. The 3m wide material made of cotton is a decent green box background that does not come close to the brilliance and thus the possibilities of colors on fabrics made of polyester.


The complete solution for studios:
Chroma Key - Backdrop + Chroma Key Floor + Studio Rail or Studio Roller + Wute

We sew bluebox and greenbox backdrops in every size. We use our range of curtain pull systems to produce the right studio track on which the chroma key background can be opened and closed. For large studios we offer turnout systems and self-propelled electric drives.

Our electric scooters are popular when a studio needs to be quickly transformed into a chroma studio. Our know-how in the construction of electric roller screens allows us to roll up and down chromakey backgrounds in widths of 15m and more.

Our assembly team will lay the Chroma studio floor, assemble rails, drives and chroma-keying electric scooters. We are also happy to deliver fabrics, rails and drives for self-assembly.

Call us, we will advise you.

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    TÜCHLER CHROMAKEY SCREEN is a reference-class keying backdrop. “Bluebox” and “greenbox” effects are implemented quickly and without artefacts CHROMAKEY SCREEN is

    from 3 x bale 60lm per lm €48.00 €40.00

    Chromakey Horizon with a steep peak made of Trevira CS fibres.Very good separation permanently flame retardant materialFlame retardant characteristics are maintained even after soaking or washing.

    from 60 lm €70.26 €58.55

    Achieve perfect bluebox and green box keying with the Chromakey floor from Tüchler.The ground for professional TV studios and YouTubers. Chromakey Floor is the ultimate Chromakey flooring that

    from 9 x roll 40m per m² €24.20 €20.17
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Why are there different shades of green screen and blue screen?

Keying, chroma keying, color keying or processes known as "punching" in German are used to free up image material and to exchange the background.

The process itself, namely being able to replace the background by selecting background colors that appear very rarely and ideally not at all in the main motif, was developed in the 1930s and used for the first time in a film scene of "The Thief of Baghdad" in 1940 . This effect also earned the film an Oscar for visual effects.

If these first "bluescreen effects" were carried out in analog form, today they are only done digitally. Over the decades of development from analog to digital, new colors have been developed again and again in order to give the most modern technical processes the best possible effect.

Most of these shades have disappeared from the market today. Nevertheless, a few different shades of green and blue have remained on the market for chroma keying, which are used depending on the process, work flow and preference of the filmmaker. The currently most up-to-date and most suitable colors for digital video shoots and film recordings - from our experience - are digital green and digital blue.

The right set: Chroma Screen flooring and fabric

digital green and digital blue are available from Tüchler on the chromakey fabric CHROMAKEY SCREEN and the dance carpet COLORX 150 plus. Dance carpet COLORX 150plus is a glass fiber reinforced PVC flooring that lies absolutely free of waves on hard subfloors and is fully camera-compatible - that is, it can be driven over with heavy studio cameras. Together, CHROMAKEY SCREEN and COLORX 150plus in digitalGreen or digitalBlue result in a perfectly coordinated one

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