Daily Event Needs

Here you will find the most important equipment for all your event needs

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What do parties, city festivals, sporting events, trade fairs, TV films, theatre, festivals, concerts and band performances have in common?

They all need floors: for the stage, backstage area and in the audience area. Whatever the purpose, every floor has to cover or separate areas and it has to be fixed in place. You can easily do this with priceworthy molleton event floorings that are of course flame retardant in accordance DIN / EN standards. The practical “little helpers” make installing and fixing the flooring in place, as well as the later removal, quick and easy.
Batteries and LED flashlights always ready to provide light right where you need it.

Event needs for professionals or private use?

Professional and, above all, safe event needs for private and professional tour operators and rentals:

Our clients include major events such as the LifeBall as well as community stages, kindergarten parties and even private parties. Agencies take advantage of our planning and implementation strengths as well as production managers, lighting and sound companies, decorators and catering companies and rental agencies.

You need more than standard event products?

Simply ask us! We have been part of the event industry for more than 50 years and there is almost nothing we have not already seen or created ourselves. Even if your idea is something we have never seen before, we look forward to planning, producing and installing something new and unique for your event!

The talented TÜCHLER workshops produce the most complicated and most dazzling curtains along with the accompanying mechanics in every size based on your specific needs. 

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