Dance Floors & Floorings

Dance Floors and Floorings 

For stage, dance, fair, event, catwalk and decoration.

From dance floors and sprung floors for professional dance, to reflective floors, high-gloss floors, stage floors, exhibition carpets, artificial turf and floor cloths, here you will find every type of floor for your event.

Would you like to know which flooring is optimal for your dance floor or stage floor? Or what a Marley floor is and how you can customize your dance floor? We are happy to help!

NEW 2020:


for professional dancers and all dance enthusiasts

In the FLOORWINGS Collection, we have incorporated all the findings from the last 20 years into new, further improved dance carpets and sprung floor systems. All dance professionals and dance enthusiasts who are looking for a special floor will find it here: - dance carpets, sprung floors and Mobile parquet for professionals. - Tanzteppiche, Schwingböden und
Mobilparkette für Profis

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