Project Curtain Tracks

Versatile Solutions for Every Space

Our curtain tracks are perfect for a wide range of textiles – from light sheers to elegant decorative curtains to heavy blackout drapes. Especially in stage areas, they provide reliable support for main and stage curtains, making them the first choice for event halls and community centers.

Customized for Event Halls and More

Beyond aesthetic aspects, safety, especially fire protection, is crucial. Hence, our products are not only visually appealing but also safe to use. The majority meet current fire safety requirements. Please check the specifications for DIN4102 B1, EN13773 C1, C2, and EN13501 directly on the foils, ensuring safety for film, television, and live events.

Professional Installation by TÜCHLER

At TÜCHLER, we understand that every project is unique. That's why we offer our flame-retardant mirrors and mirror foils not just by the meter or in sheets, but also as tailor-made solutions right up to complete installation. Whether you're designing a spectacular show stage, outfitting a TV studio, or creating an unforgettable party atmosphere, our products adapt to your specific needs.

Your Partner for Curtain Tracks in Public Spaces

TÜCHLER ensures that your spaces – whether seminar rooms, universities, schools, community centers, lecture halls, or event halls – are not only visually impressive but also functional.

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