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Acoustic curtains by TÜCHLER: Perfect your room acoustics with made-to-measure acoustic curtain solutions or prefabricated acoustic curtains.

Discover TÜCHLER's acoustic curtains: Made-to-measure and pre-fabricated solutions for optimal room acoustics. Perfect sound and design in any environment with our stylisch and functional curtains that allow individual printing. Enhance the sound experience and aesthetics in your room.

We from TÜCHLER understand that every room poses unique acoustic challenges. However, design and aesthetics of a room are also significant. Therefore, we offer made-to-measure acoustic curtains, made by our sewers from high quality TÜCHLER acoustic materials and adapted to the style and function of the room.  Individual printing in object quality on curtains, blinds or blackout fabrics turns acoustic curtains into complete works of art. These curtains are made to order to ensure that they are an exact fit for your curtain track and have the desired acoustic properties.

You can also find pre-fabricated acoustic curtains in standard sizes. You can mount these yourself quickly, easily and inexpensively. Regardless of whether the room is a theatre, a concert hall, a music room, a recording studio or an office, our acoustic curtain solutions optimize reverberation time and room acoustics in the most beautiful way. 

Acoustic curtains: Made-to-measure solutions for optimum room acoustics

Individual acoustic curtains for every room

Every curtain is made to order, to ensure that it fits your curtain rail exactly and has the desired acoustic properties.

Manual room-in-room systems

In rooms where only slight adjustments to the acoustics are desired, fabrics with low absorption are ideal. Our velvets or echo velvets can contribute as an aesthetic improvement, without significantly changing the room acoustics.

Electrical room-in-room systems

The material covering a loudspeaker should let sound pass uncompromised. Materials with low to medium absorption are suitable, as they don’t compromise the sound quality.  

Sound blocking curtains

Sound blocking curtains are multi-layer acoustic solutions, made of several layers of airtight und high mass foils and acoustic materials for maximum sound transmission insulation. They effectively minimize sound transmission and achieve db(A) values comparable to high quality entrance doors. For optimum results, these curtains must be in contact with the wall, ceiling and floor on all sides. A classic application is in the theatre as a "sound ceiling" that keeps the noise of scenery being changed away from the audience. 
We use similarly constructed curtains for room-in-room systems.

Acoustic pre-fabricated curtains in standard sizes

As well as our made-to-measure solutions, we also offer a range of pre-fabricated acoustic curtains in standard sizes. These can be used immediately and offer a fast and effective solution for improving the acoustics in your room. 

Pre-fabricated curtains with a rail, for self-mounting

For those who prefer an inexpensive, quick acoustic solution, we offer pre-fabricated curtains in standard sizes, that are delivered with a matching rail. You can easily install these yourself, they offer a straightforward solution for your acoustic needs.

A unique combination: the acoustic curtain as a total work of art with individual printing in object quality as a blackout curtain or translucent blind.

Our acoustic curtains are not only functional but also an aesthetic statement. Every curtain becomes a work of art through individual printing, with the choice between blackout curtains or translucent blinds. Perfect for rooms that require both acoustic improvements and visual impressions. TÜCHLER combines precise sound absorption with endless design options, to transform your rooms and create a unique ambience.

Please contact us for personal advice.

Regardless of which acoustic challenges you face, you will find a suitable solution from TÜCHLER. Please contact us for personal advice and find out more about our acoustic curtains and how they can transform your room.

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