Projection surfaces

Large screen projections: Whether theatre, opera, event, trade show or congress centre– TÜCHLER lets your visions shine in vivid colours.

Immerse yourself in a world of breath-taking reproduction! 

Our projection foils are specially designed for rear- and front projection, to offer you excellent image quality and brilliant colours. Whether in theatres, operas, events, trade shows or congress centres – our screens create unforgettable visual experiences for your audience.  

Step out of the dark and immerse your stage in a fascinating light spectacle! TÜCHLER’s innovative solutions transform your event location into a magical backdrop. Colour the stage horizon with vivid projections, let fog boxes appear realistic and create breath-taking 3D-objects. Whether a theatre, opera, event, trade show or congress centre – discover light boxes out of nowhere and enchant your audience.

The perfect tensioned projection surface for spectacular productions – when textiles become a screen: Innovative technology for theatre use.

Create magic moments on stage! With TÜCHLER you can transform textiles into fascinating projection surfaces. Our innovative technology enables spectacular productions in theatres, operas and more. Immerse yourself in the world of creativity and let your visions become reality.

Roll-up projection surfaces for your congress centre or exhibition hall – realise your visions

Are you ready to move your events to the next level? With TÜCHLER you have the perfect partner at your side. Our high-quality projection surfaces will transform your congress centre or exhibition hall into an epic spectacle. Realise your visions and impress your audience with unique visual experiences.

Set the scene for your event – stage magic at the highest level

Ready for a big performance? Years of experience and the highest quality in stage- and textile technology let us offer you the perfect solution for community centres, event locations, school stages and more. Set the scene for your event and enchant your audience with stage magic at the highest level. Welcome to the world of spectacular entertainment!

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