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Adjust the room acoustics for your event at the push of a button with TÜCHLER’s dynamically adjustable acoustic blinds.

TÜCHLER’s acoustic blinds let you achieve an excellent listening experience in concert halls, music schools, multi-purpose rooms and lecture halls with minimal preparation time or even live, during the event. Integrate the blinds in your room aesthetics and adjust reverberation time dynamically from performance to performance.

TÜCHLER’s dynamically adjustable blinds let you control the acoustics of your event location precisely and flexibly. Whether in a concert hall, music school, multipurpose room or lecture hall, our acoustic blinds offer you the flexibility to adapt the room acoustics for every event at the push of a button. They allow you to create an excellent acoustic experience without compromising the aesthetics or architecture of the room. Our solutions are ideal for demanding environments, requiring aesthetic and acoustic perfection. They can be hidden behind sound permeable structures or matched to the colour scheme of the room, allowing discrete and harmonious integration in every environment. This means that you can not only improve the acoustic experience of your room but also the visual experience, thereby increasing the total experience for listeners and viewers.

Flexibility at the push of a button

With TÜCHLER’s dynamically adjustable acoustic blinds, you can optimise the room acoustics for every event at the push of a button. Our innovative solutions offer you the flexibility to change acoustic conditions in real-time, to guarantee a perfect sound environment for concerts, lectures or any other event. 

Discrete aesthetics

The acoustic blinds can be harmoniously integrated into every room aesthetic, by hiding them behind sound permeable structures or be matching to the colour of the room. They optimise the acoustic quality, without compromising the visual integrity or the architectural character of the room.

Swift and efficient adaption

The user-friendly control of our acoustic blinds minimizes preparation time and allows you to adjust the acoustic during the event. This flexibility is especially valuable in dynamic environments where requirements can change rapidly.

Different blinds for individual requirements

Single blinds: Precision for each room

Single blinds are standard solutions for many applications, that require precise and effective acoustic control. They are ideally suited to small or medium sized rooms, in which a single layer of material is sufficient to provide the desired acoustic effect.

Double blinds: Double the control and flexibility

Double blinds are made of two layers of acoustic material, these can be identical or not, to enable even more precise control and better adaption to complex acoustic challenges. They are ideal for demanding rooms that require more flexibility in sound absorption.

Infinity-Roller: Unlimited possibilities

The Infinity-Roller is a special TÜCHLER design making it possible to make acoustic blinds in almost unlimited widths. These are particularly well suited for very large rooms, such as concert- or exhibition halls, in which standard blinds would reach their limits.

The advantages of TÜCHLER acoustic blinds

TÜCHLER acoustic blinds are not only a solution for improved room acoustics, they also offer many advantages that make them an ideal choice for many application areas. Due to their flexible adaptability, aesthetic integration and technological innovation, they are a valuable addition to every room needing acoustic optimisation. With TÜCHLER at your side, you can be absolutely sure that your acoustic challenges will be handled professionally and efficiently.

Contact us

To find out more about our acoustic blinds and how they can fulfil your specific requirements, please contact us. We are happy to advise you on our individual solutions which will transform your room acoustics.

FAQs on the topic of acoustic blinds 

What are electric acoustic blinds and how do they work?

Electric acoustic blinds are motorised systems, that control the room acoustics by rolling sound absorption materials up and down. They are operated electrically and allow fast and precise adaption of the room acoustics at the push of a button.

Which advantages do electric acoustic blinds have compared to manual systems?

Electric acoustic blinds offer better durability, less faulty operation, precise control and comfortable handling. The allow fast adjustments to the acoustics, without physical exertion or the necessity of direct access to the blind.

How are acoustic blinds integrated in the room’s design? 

TÜCHLER’s acoustic blinds can be integrated discretely, often behind sound permeable structures or with automatic flaps, that close flush to the surface. The blinds are available in various colours and materials, so that they blend seamlessly into the aesthetics of the room. 

What size are standard acoustic blinds?

Standard sizing for acoustic blinds is up to 3 metres wide and 6 metres high. These sizes cover the requirements of many typical application areas.

Are acoustic blinds available for very large rooms?

Yes, our Infinity blinds are designed for extremely large rooms. These can be several times 10 metres wide and approx. 20 meters high, ideal for large concert halls, auditoriums or exhibition halls. 

How to I operate electric acoustic blinds?

The blinds are operated via an integrated control system, this can include wall panels, remote controls or even automated building systems. They offer intuitive operation and can easily be integrated into existing building management systems. 

Which rooms can I use acoustic blinds in?

acoustic blinds are versatile and can be used in concert halls, music schools, multi-purpose halls, lecture halls, music rehearsal rooms and many other rooms that require flexible and effective acoustic control.

How do I choose the appropriate acoustic blinds for my requirements?

The choice depends on the size of the room, the acoustic requirements and aesthetic preferences. TÜCHLER offers individual advice, to determine the best acoustic blinds for your specific requirements.

Are acoustic blinds high-maintenance?

Our acoustic blinds are designed to be low-maintenance. Regular inspections and occasional cleaning of the materials and mechanics ensure that they work perfectly for a long time. 

How sustainable are TÜCHLER’s acoustic blinds?

TÜCHLER values sustainability in the construction and choice of materials. The blinds are durable and offer a long-term solution for acoustic optimisation, which reduces the necessity for frequent renewals or repairs and helps to conserve resources.

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