Reverberant and noisy rooms

Solutions by TÜCHLER for reverberant and noisy rooms 

An unpleasant phenomenon is common in event locations, restaurants and further rooms. The noise level increases with the head count. When few people are present, relaxed conversation is possible. The fuller the room gets, the louder people have to speak or almost shout, to make themselves understood.

The problem of rising noise levels 

A known phenomenon occurs in rooms such as restaurants or event locations. The noise level rises with the head count. Initially, the few people present can hold relaxed conversations. However, as soon as the room is full, people have to speak louder to be heard at all. Soon, relaxed conversation is almost impossible. This problem, often not directly connected to the room acoustics, occurs when the reverberation time is too long.

The physical cause: reverberation time and its effect

Reverberation time is the duration of time a sound can be heard, after the sound source has stopped. In rooms with a long reverberation time, different conversations overlap and are reflected by hard surfaces, leading to a continuously increasing noise level. In consequence, people have to speak louder to make themselves understood, thus further increasing the noise level. This cycle leads to an unpleasant and noisy environment and makes relaxed communication impossible.  

Reducing reverberation time for “calmer” rooms

Reducing the reverberation time results in a “calmer” or “drier” room and is an effective solution for this problem. The persistent noise level is lowered by reducing the reverberation time, leading to a more pleasant and intelligible acoustic environment, even when the room is full.

TÜCHLER’s acoustic solutions for pleasant room acoustics

Individual acoustic solutions for optimum results 

TÜCHLER offers acoustic materials, curtains, blinds, ceiling- and wall coverings, designed to improve the room acoustics and create a more pleasant environment. Our solutions can be adapted to the individual requirements and the aesthetic concept of every room.

Our technical solutions include a wide range of products, specially developed to reduce reverberation time and noise levels. We offer an extensive portfolio of possibilities to optimise your rooms acoustically, from acoustic curtains, that can be flexibly opened and closed, to ceiling- and wall coverings, that specifically absorb sound, acoustic blinds and complex, electrically movable room-in-room systems.
Employing our expertise and in cooperation with acoustic technicians, we plan your new room acoustics and mount solutions specially tailored to the requirements of your room.

A pleasant atmosphere, due to reduced reverberation time

By adapting the room acoustics with our solutions, you can combat problems with loudness. An optimised acoustic environment enables pleasant and intelligible conversations in lively rooms.

Success stories and satisfied customers

We are proud of the many successful projects we have realised. Our reference projects include the Heilig-Kreuz-Church in Gelsenkirchen, the National Philharmonic Hall in Wroclaw, the Kulturbahnhof Aalen, the music school in in Krakow, the Samsung Hall Zurich, the Sparkassen-Arena Landshut, multiplex-cinemas and many more. These references are proof of the effectiveness of our acoustic solutions and our know-how. We can transform your rooms from loud to pleasant too.

Talk to us!

TÜCHLER doesn’t just offer individual products for your acoustic challenges, we provide complete solutions. We do everything to transform your rooms into comfortable and acoustically optimised surroundings, from individual consulting to the final installation.
Please contact us for a personal consultation, find out how we can help you to achieve ideal room acoustics and significantly improve the quality and atmosphere of your rooms. Reverberant and noisy rooms are history!

FAQs about reverberant and noisy rooms

What is reverberation time and why is it important?

Reverberation time is the length of time required for the noise level to drop by 60 dB after the sound source stops. As reverberation affects speech intelligibility and overall sound quality, it is decisive for room acoustics.  

How can TÜCHLER’s solutions help to improve reverberant and noisy rooms? 

TÜCHLER offers special acoustic materials – curtains, ceiling- and wall coverings as well as blinds –produced to reduce reverberation time, minimise the noise level and thus achieve a more pleasant and intelligible environment. 

Which rooms benefit most from acoustic solutions?

Restaurants, event locations, cinemas, schools, offices and practically every room, that has issues with noise and bad acoustics, can profit from TÜCHLER’s acoustic solutions. 

Are acoustic curtains available in individual designs? 

Yes, TÜCHLER offers individual printing and a wide choice of materials, so you can customize your acoustic curtains to suit the design and the aesthetics of your room.

Are TÜCHLER’s acoustic solutions available for all budgets?

TÜCHLER offers many solutions for different budgets, from simple pre-fabricated curtains to complex systems made to measure.

How long does it take to install TÜCHLER’s acoustic solutions?

The duration of the installation varies according to the size and complexity of the project. TÜCHLER plans and performs every installation efficiently, to ensure minimal disruption.

Can existing rooms be retrofitted with acoustic solutions?

Yes, TÜCHLER’s solutions can be integrated into existing rooms, to subsequently improve the room acoustics.

What effect do improved acoustics have on a room and the people in it? 

Improved acoustics lead to clearer speech intelligibility, a more pleasant sound, reduced stress levels and higher overall satisfaction.

Does TÜCHLER offer consultancy services for acoustic problems? 

Yes, TÜCHLER works with various acoustic technicians and offers comprehensive consulting, planning and individual solutions, to master specific acoustic challenges. 

Which reference projects has TÜCHLER already successfully completed?

TÜCHLER has successfully completed many projects, including the Heilig-Kreuz-Church in Gelsenkirchen, the National Philharmonic Hall in Wrocław, the Kulturbahnhof Aalen, the music school in Krakow, Samsung Hall Zurich, Sparkassen-Arena Landshut and many more.

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