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Connection and performance data

Voltage: 24VDC

Power: 126 W

Speed 40cm/s

Pulling force 150 N

KNX UDP control

The T-LOK KNX/UDP controller serves as an interface for controlling the T-LOK drive via on-site KNX or UDP networks. As a stand-alone system, the KNX UDP control system can also be operated via a commercially available button.

The functions in network use are open-close, setting the minimum and maximum speed (during initial setup) as well as variable speed control between the two speeds during operation. The controller is designed to use up to 4 limit switches, 2 of which can be used as working end positions and 2 each for intermediate positions or emergency limit switches. When controlled via KNX, the controller reports which limit switches have been reached or whether the actuator is in an intermediate position. In UDP mode, this feedback is not set up in the standard. The KNX modules used are from SIEMENS and are integrated as a special module in the respective KNX control center.

When using a button, the open-close functions are available.

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