Acoustic wall + ceiling coverings

Perfect room acoustics through acoustic ceiling- and wall coverings from TÜCHLER for cinemas, audio, film- and tv-studios.

Experience acoustic ceiling- and wall coverings from TÜCHLER: Including professional planning and mounting for optimum room acoustics in cinemas, studios and public spaces.

Room acoustics play a crucial role in the world of audio-, film- and tv-production, as well as in cinemas and public spaces. TÜCHLER offers specialised acoustic ceiling- and wall coverings, specifically developed for the demanding requirements of these environments. 

Professional planning for perfect acoustics

Our experts work with acoustic technicians to plan and analyze your rooms in detail. We understand the complexity of room acoustics and offer made-to-measure solutions, that fulfil specific acoustic demands. Through modern technology and methods, we ensure that every detail is considered, to achieve optimum sound quality in handmade perfection. 

High quality materials and mounting

TÜCHLER uses only the best materials for acoustic ceiling- and wall coverings, to ensure longevity and effectiveness. Our installation teams are highly qualified and experienced in the installation of complex acoustic systems. They guarantee precise and fast implementation, from the first measure to the final acoustic test.

Good sound in cinemas and studios

Whether you run a small recording studio or a large cinema- or tv studio, TÜCHLER's acoustic coverings transform your room into an environment where sound is not only heard, but experienced. Our solutions improve speech intelligibility, reduce unwanted reverberation and create an immersive atmosphere that impresses visitors.

Individual printing on your acoustic ceiling- and wall-coverings

TÜCHLER makes it possible to personalize your acoustic ceiling- and wall coverings with individual printing, so that functionality and design are in harmony. Choose a pattern or design that reflects your brand or the character of your room.

Through high quality printing and acoustically effective materials, you obtain a unique surface, that does not compromise the acoustic quality and unites room design and sound. Ideal for cinemas, studios or public spaces, where design meets function.

Dedicated to your acoustic requirements

At TÜCHLER, we are committed to offering you not just products, but complete solutions. Our services include consultancy, planning, manufacturing and installation of acoustic ceiling and wall coverings. We pride ourselves on transforming spaces into acoustic masterpieces and creating an environment that is perfect for any type of audiovisual production or presentation. Contact us to find out more about our made-to-measure acoustic ceiling coverings and ceiling coverings and how we can help you achieve the ideal room acoustics.

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