TÜCHLER develops, produces, trades and assembles products and systems that turn "normal locations" into functional event locations or that organizers and event technicians need for events on a daily basis.

TÜCHLER's event products are optimized for organizers who want to implement their events professionally, quickly and inexpensively, as well as event houses such as multi-purpose halls, community centers, schools and their stages, theaters, opera multi-purpose centers, event centers and event halls who need complete advice, project development and implementation for their event technology.
Tüchler's focus is on the standard-compliant implementation of practicable solutions for events for every budget.

TÜCHLER's large warehouse and its own workshops ensure rapid production and delivery, often within 24 hours.

Would you like in-depth advice? - Then give us a call now, chat with us or send us an e-mail. We are here to help!

Tüchler's products for events are structured as follows:

  • flame-retardant materials and foils such as
    • Molton, nettle, velvet
    • Glossy foils, mirror plates and mirror foils
    • Decoration fabrics and effect materials
    • almost everything is flame retardant according to at least one of the
    • standards DIN4102 EN13501 EN13773 ÖNÖRM A3820

  • Projection surfaces
    • Stretch projection surfaces for large projections
    • Roll-up projection surfaces / roll-up screens
  • Event floors
    • Dance carpets
    • Stage coverings
    • Dance floors
    • Glossy floors, show floors, glitter bows
  • Flame retardants for
    • Wood, paper, cardboard, straw and reeds
    • Fabrics made from natural fibers, mixed fibers and synthetic fibers
    • Admixtures in paints
  • Curtain rails, curtain pull systems and gathering pulls for
    • Stage curtains
    • Event curtains
    • Backdrops
    • Decorations
    • Room dividers
    • Acoustic curtains
  • Stage technology
    • Stage platforms
    • Aluminum soot
    • Rigging, slings, couplers, pipe hooks, shackles etc.
    • Rotating relays
    • Chain hoists, rope winches, bobbin winches, backdrop hoists, prospectus hoists
    • Controls
  • Accessories for events
    • Gaffer tapes, textile adhesive tapes, armor tapes
    • Marking tape, Zumbel tape, appointment tape
    • Luminous tapes, glow tape, UV tapes
    • Warning tapes, barrier tapes
    • Transport boxes, storage containers,
    • Lashing straps, HoldOn clips, Spannfix
    • cleaning supplies
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