Magnetic force

Safe retention and reliable triggering. KABUKLIP, the Kabuki drop system, retains the load by magnetic force. Contrary to conventional systems, a buffer battery is used instead of a mechanical lock, to prevent unintentional dropping of the load, so that the load is securely held, even in the case of a power failure.

Kabuki-Abwurfsystem KABUKLIP Klammer geöffnet

Fastening without eyelets or hooks

KABUKLIP lets you safely forget about eyelets, hooks, Velcro straps and other common fastening methods. The clamping force of the KABUKLIP-drop has a load capacity of up to 15 kg per release unit, depending on which material is used. Thus, for example, one unit alone carries about 50 m² of stage Molton.


M12 Thread

Integrated M12 threads at the top and on the back for attaching commercially available half couplers or pipe hooks


Speakon connector up to IP 54

Speakon connectors ensure a safe and fast connection to the KABUKLIP release units. Depending on the selected KABUKLIP version, these are either IP23 in the standard version or IP54 in the splash proof open air version, KABUKLIP-OA.

High-quality and environmentally friendly, halogen-free Ölflex® cables are used.


KabuKlip control: simple + reliable as stand-alone or DMX slave

  • Stand-alone-control:

    • lockable and activatable via key switch
    • working light on-off-button
    • drop button
    • DMX-input
  • One control unit opens up to 25 KabuKlips simultaneously
  • 2-step triggering process to prevent unintentional release
  • Freely adjustable as master/slave
  • DMX-addressing possible



  • 6 DMX-channels
  • The starting address is set on the device.
  • Each channel can trigger a chain of 1 to 10 pieces of Kabuki drop units.
  • A total of 25 Kabuki units can be connected.
  • The DMX-slave controllers can be linked via DMX in-out connectors.




  • Power 160W / 230V
  • Connection
    • DMX – connection IN/OUT
    • Schuko plug -- CEE 7/4
    • SpeakOn – connection socket 4 pin
  • Dimensions 260mm x 160mm x 95mm
  • Weight 3,1kg
  • Protection class IP 32
  • Maximumpossible number of release units per controller  25

Droping unit

  • Material aluminium alloy
  • Dimensions 160mm x 65mm x 70mm
  • Connections 2 x SpeakOn - connection sockets - 4 pin
  • Weight approx. 1,5 kg including pipe hook
  • Power 6,5W 24V
  • Duty cycle factor DCF =100% (continuous operation)
  • Protection
    • Type KabuKlip IP 23
    • Type KabuKlip OA IP 54