Flame Retardant for Paints

Flame Retardant as a Paint Additive

ECOGARD® B45 flame retardant turns your paint into a flame retardant for stage backdrops, fly bars and similar artistic uses. By painting the fabrics, they become flame retardant and flame retardant fabrics retain their flame retardant properties. Depending on the type of paint, absorbent wood can also be given flame retardant properties.

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How to use ECOGARD® B45 flame retardant as a paint additive:

  • Stir 30 parts of ECOGARD® B45 into 70 parts of paint = 100 parts of flame retardant paint
  • When using ECOGARD® B45 concentrate, mix 21 parts of ECOGARD® B45 with 79 parts of your paint.
    This way you dilute your paint less than the ready-to-spray version.

Please note that:

  • ECOGARD® B45 is very compatible with emulsion paints.
    It is imperative to test the compatibility of your colour with ECOGARD® B45 beforehand.
  • Also check the flame retardant effect and change the dosage if necessary.
  • Always test thoroughly!
  • Always pay attention to the warnings and application instructions for the respective product!
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