Stage Molleton - Decorative Molleton - Satin Molleton - Wool Serge

Stage Molleton - What stage molleton is made of and how to use it correctly.

Molleton is a fabric roughened on both sides that mostly consists of 100% cotton and occasionally Trevira CS or other flame-retardant polyester fibres. In order to make the already very inexpensive product even cheaper, some normal polyester is added here and there. At TÜCHLER, this molleton is called "Stage Molleton ECO".

All TÜCHLER stage molletons have the basic fabric in common, which is always a robust twill. This type of fabric is strong and at the same time displays a soft drape.

The special properties of stage molleton:

The roughened and therefore fluffy surface with a weight of around 300 g/m³ ensures a matt, low-reflection surface on the one hand and, in the case of dark colours, a high degree of darkening and a relatively high level of sound absorption. In addition, stage molleton has a good crease recovery and is therefore very well suited for use on the "road".

Stage molleton is therefore ideal for:

  • Inexpensive stage curtains
  • Inexpensive front stage covers
  • Inexpensive stage skirting
  • Inexpensive frame coverings (width 2 m and 3 m!) 
  • Inexpensive blackout curtains 

The strong demand for a very inexpensive material with these properties has led in recent decades to the development of today’s stage molleton with to an extent noticeable manufacturing tolerances. Other materials are also better at light fastness, for example when exposed to sunlight.

We therefore recommend other textiles for these applications:

  • Permanent blackout curtains
  • In rooms that require a "dust-free" environment (molleton loses fabric due to the roughening)
  • Main stage curtains
  • When deep black colours are required
  • When colour fidelity between production lots is required

What is satin molleton and how does it differ from stage molleton?

Satin molleton and Bolton are both roughened on one side and are available in custom shapes: Satin molleton is the higher quality, stronger and more elegant product.

The base fabric is a satin that is denser and finer than the twill of the stage molleton. It has a less fluffy surface and therefore also loses fewer fibres than stage or decorative molleton. We recommend satin molleton for applications where it is planned to use the fabric for a longer period.

Decorative Molleton - The most inexpensive molleton for decorations and simple event applications

The basic fabric for decorative molleton is a plain weave fabric usually around 130 g/m. Decorative molleton is always very translucent and not very opaque. It is the right choice if you want to quickly and inexpensively cover things that are not backlit.

Decorative Bolton- Roughened on one side in a wide selection of colours

Decorative bolton is roughened on one side like the satin molleton. In contrast to satin molleton, its base fabric is significantly lighter and less densely woven. Satin molleton is the fabric of choice when it comes to colourful and matt decorations and curtains on a budget.

WOOL SERGE- The “stage molleton” made of sheep’s wool - a high-end textile for demanding acoustics and visuals.

Wool serge is, as its name suggests, made of fleece or sheep’s wool. Sheep wool has some interesting properties compared to cotton. Sheep wool fabrics wrinkle significantly less and recover much better after unpacking, for example from a tour case.

The black is darker and more matt than stage molleton. In addition, wool serge has practically no loss of fibres, despite the roughened surface. The highlight of wool serge however, is its highly sound-absorbing properties, which can also be achieved thanks to a basis weight of up to 1 kg/m².

Since sheep’s wool does not burn as well as cotton, wool serge is considered “inherently flame retardant” in some countries (but not in the EU!). However, to achieve EN fire classes that are suitable for events, we still have to apply flame retardants for use in the EU.

That is why TÜCHLER wool serge is available as Wool serge BS (inherently flame retardant in accordance with British Standards) and Wool serge EN (flame-retardant in accordance with EU norms).

TÜCHLER Custom and Ready-made Curtains

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