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Satin molleton is a one-sided roughened sturdy fabric that has a molleton look on one side and a satin finish on the other.
Because of its one-sided roughening, satin molleton is also known as bolleton.
Satin molleton can be used with either the satin surface or the rough surface as the visible side.
Satin molleton is ideal as a satin curtain with high blackout qualities or, in comparison to stage molleton, for applications that require a higher quality material with better dimensional stability and durability that produces less lint.

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As low as €17.94 €14.95
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Technische Details:
  • flame-retardant
  • EN13501 C-s1, d0
  • DIN4102 B1
  • EN13773
  • FR_RU1
  • 100% cotton
  • width 300 cm
  • 320 g/m²
  • appr. 60lm bales
Warnings and Application notes

Satin molleton is an inexpensive mass-produced product that is manufactured with larger tolerances than for example velours.
Color variations and deviations in the optical density may therefore vary between individual pieces as a result of the production process and do not represent a reduction in the value of the material.
The use of satin molleton is not recommended for applications requiring high standards of light fastness.
Please note that the blackout qualities of satin molleton vary for the different colors.

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