Chain hoists

Entertainment Chainhoists GIS

Simple and comfortable in handling – reliable and safe in operation – durable and easy to maintain

GIS electric chain hoists are used worldwide in theaters, schools, sports centers, multipurpose venues, arenas, convention centers, TV studios, or on concert tours.

Entertainment chainhoists GIS



The induction-hardened and manganese-phosphated, black-matte profile steel chain offers approximately 15% higher load capacity with the same nominal diameter compared to a round steel chain. The larger cross-sectional area reduces wear and increases the chain's lifespan. The manganese phosphating enhances corrosion resistance and running properties. The load hook is equipped with a damping system and a sturdy cast latch that securely attaches to the hook.



LPM, the smallest chain hoist in the LP family, lifts an impressive 400 kg (D8 plus: 250 kg) with a mere 12 kg of weight. It is modular in design, compact in size, and therefore suitable for installation in trusses.



Due to the design of the chain hoist with protection class IP65, it is inherently protected against dust and jet water. The LP is therefore ideal for outdoor use, even under the most challenging conditions. At open-air events or on concert tours, riggers appreciate the weather resistance and reliability of this electric chain hoist.



All LP electric chain hoists are equipped with a 3-stage, self-contained gearbox. The helical gearing with geometric optimization provides extremely smooth operation, allowing for the movement of loads during events. Thanks to the protection provided by the cover and chain hoist housing, the LP has a sound pressure level of only 60 dB, making it one of the quietest motors on the market.


Controls & Accessories

Request your quote for the appropriate control system. From the simple Direct-Control system to remote control systems with wireless remote, and even complex SIL3 controls, you can find everything in our range.

Our TÜCHLER product specialists are available to assist you in selecting the right control system for your needs!



Chain Hoist

  • Suitable for frequency converter operation
  • Black housing, chain, and fittings
  • Can be used as a stationary or climbing hoist
  • IP65 protection class
  • 1 (D8) or 2 (D8 Plus + C1) independent DC spring-loaded brakes
  • Slip clutch not in the power flow
  • TÜCHLER chain bag bracket with robust chain guide
  • Load hook with damping system
  • Secure hook latch
  • D8 Plus and C1 - designed according to DIN 56950/2012 or IGVW SQ P2/2018, with chain safety factor of 8:1


  • Integration possibility of PLC control (C1)
  • Gear limit switches with two additional emergency stop contacts (C1)
  • Position measurement
  • Load measurement
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Textile chain storage for various lifting heights
  • Manual trolley and motorized trolley

Included in the set

  • 4m/min
  • Weatherproof, IP65 protection class
  • Very quiet due to 3-stage gearbox
  • Includes suspension eye (not shown)
  • Includes hook on the chain
  • Includes carrying handles for LP500 + LP1000
  • Includes Heavy-Duty Roadcase made in Austria
  • Plug-and-play, 3 × 400 V / 50 Hz

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