ZOOM stage platforms

Stage platform Zoom

Easy single-person operation, stepless height positioning

Stage platform ZOOM


Torque support & safety slip clutch

The torque arm grips reliably even before the drive and thus protects the user from twisting. The safety slipper clutch also prevents overload and ensures a safe stop in the end positions.



Unique stability from the very first millimeter

From the very first millimetre of stroke, ZOOM 1200 has a stability that is unique for scissor podiums. This is ensured by two auxiliary scissors, which take over the load from zero level and only transfer it to the main scissors after a travel range of 34cm.



Connectors for maximized positive fit

When positioned on one level, the optionally usable connectors ensure increased lateral and shear force absorption under dynamic, horizontal loading. In addition, gap dimensions and levelling are improved, especially at upper control heights.



Mounts for safety railings

Robust mounts in the platform of the Zoom 1200 ensure easy insertion and a tight fit of the safety rails. Elegant cover caps, which are secured against vibration noise by means of retaining springs, close the mounts when no safety railings are used.


Protection against lifting out of the safety railings

Allen or hexagonal screws can be used to secure the safety railing against being lifted out. The full load capacity is already given after plugging in.


Reinforced main scissors and joints

Reinforced main scissors and joints ensure high load-bearing capacity and stability.


Set screws

Adjusting screws support quick and accurate leveling during assembly


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