Event technology for Swiss pharmaceutical company

Stage areas with special requirements

Zoom stage platforms were installed in three auditoriums as infinitely height-adjustable stages. The stage platforms can be easily operated by one person with a drive that can be plugged into the top of the stage and brought to the desired height with millimeter precision. Access points to the plug-in points for media technology installed in the stage platforms are installed in the stage platforms. A special highlight is the all-round facing with elegant parquet flooring, the grain of which runs precisely from one stage podium to the next and further seamlessly into the surrounding mainland floor. In addition, all corners have been mitred, creating an elegant look that becomes part of the ambience of the seminar rooms. A motorized lift platform with Serapid push chain drive, which was clad in the same look, was integrated into the stage area of Zoom platform platforms. This is used to lift wheelchair users and other loads to the respective stage level

Motorized projectionscreens

The motorized screens in two smaller auditoriums were designed in a size of eight meters wide and five meters high as a roller screen type Superflat with a lateral tensioning mechanism. In the large hall, a motorized screen type T-ROLL with the dimensions 12 x 9m is used.

Lighting trains

The light pulls are designed by cable drum drives according to SIL3.

Steel construction

The complete technical ceiling, including maintenance corridors and substructure for mounting, as well as winches and the entire hall ceiling, were manufactured and installed on our behalf.

Curtain rails and curtain pulls

In two smaller auditoriums, project curtain rails are used, over which acoustic curtains, which also serve to darken the room, are moved. In the large auditorium, a Type Universal curtain actuator moves the blackout and acoustic curtain consisting of two parts, each measuring 16x9 metres.

Control Unit

The drives are controlled and operated via a SIL3 type drive control.

Project and construction site management for the above-mentioned trades

TÜCHLER was the contractor for all of the above-mentioned trades and was therefore responsible for their overall design, production and assembly.

CH_Kaiseraugst_Auditorium A_Bühnenpodeste Zoom Bühne Seite und Rollbildwand Planlage
CH_Kaiseraugst_Auditorium A_Totale Saal mit Bühne aus Bühnepodest Zoom und Motorpodest Front seitlich-Bearbeitet_80dpi_1000pi
CH_Kaiseraugst_Auditorium A_Totale Saal mit Bühne aus Bühnenpodest Zoom und Motorpodest Front _80dpi_1000pi
CH_Kaiseraugst_Audiorium B_Bühnenpodest Zoom_Abtreppung
CH_Kaiseraugst_Audiorium C_Bühnenpodest Zoom_Abtreppung
CH_Kaiseraugst_Auditorium A_Parksituation_Akustikvorhang_80dpi_1000pi

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