In the listed cultural station Aalen, as few suspensions as possible should be placed in the walls. Due to the possible spans of up to two meters, the architect and user decided to use the curtain rail TT2. The drive of the curtain over the distance of up to 21 meters per rail should be as invisible as possible.  After the system was supposed to darken the space, the light input between the rail and the beam was required to be as low as possible. The ideal and executed solution was therefore the self-propelled curtain drive T-LOK.

This type of curtain pull makes it possible to mount the curtain rail profile flush on the ceiling so that no light falls through. The curtain drive T-LOK is encased with the curtain to be pulled – in this case darkening curtains made of darkening fabric Sunblock Soft – and thus remains invisible to the viewers.

The control is via our KNX curtain control with integrated 24V power supply for the curtain drive.