Room divider as blackout curtain and acoustic curtain: curtain track TT2 + self-propelled curtain drive T-LOK + curtain made of Chenille GULDA

In the conference room of the company 4SELLERS, the circularly guided curtain track system consisting of the curtain track TT2, the self-propelled curtain drive T-LOK and a curtain made of Chenille GULDA completes the room separation. The round lecture area is thus separated from the outside area against light incursion as well as from usual office noises.

For this purpose, the curtain rail TT2 was rolled [bent] to measure and suspended from the ceiling about 70cm. Between the ceiling and the rail, a standing surface was also mounted in chenille fabric GULDA. A particular challenge was the implementation of the ventilation pipes, which were adapted on site.

2 T-LOK drives pull or push the curtain pieces together to a darkening and sound-absorbing cylinder, allowing lectures to be held undisturbed.

T-LOK_Vorhangzug auf TT2
Room separation curtain as darkening curtain and acoustic curtain by self-propelled curtain drive T-LOK and permanently flame retardant fabric.