Greenbox - Color

Greenbox - Color

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The cloth-matte, water-based chromakey color ensures the best keying on firm and flexible surfaces such as fabrics and PVC coverings indoors.

T & Uuml; CHLER-SEFRA Chromakey - color is available in # 742 DIGITAL SIZE and matches the Chromakey - COLORX 150 floor and Chromakey-Screen fabric. & nbsp;

T & Uuml; CHLER-SEFRA Chromakey - paint can be diluted with water, low-emission, environmentally friendly, is produced in Austria and has been awarded the Austrian eco-label.

T & Uuml; CHLER-SEFRA Chromakey - color is highly opaque. Depending on the absorbency of the substrate and the type of application used, coat 5-7m & sup2; per liter per application.
Surface dry and recoatable after 4-6 hours at room temperature, 65% relative humidity and good ventilation.

Application to:

  • wood
  • plasterboard
  • concrete
  • Gypsum plaster
  • Plaster
  • fabrics
  • PVC coverings
  • Metals (with primer)

The application can be carried out using a roller, brush or airless spray method.
When building up the coating, make sure that the
Work wet-on-wet in one go so that
visible deposits are avoided.


if necessary with pure water

Technical data:

Criterion Norm /
Test regulation
value / unit Notes
density 1.66 & nbsp; & nbsp;
Yield 330 g / m2 & nbsp; & nbsp;
gloss EN 13 300 matt cloth & nbsp;
Wet abrasion resistance EN 13 300 Class 3 & nbsp;
Fund assets EN 13 300 Class 1 5.00 m & sup2; / l
Maximum grain size EN 13 300 fine & nbsp;

The specification of the characteristic values ​​are average values ​​or approximate values. Due to the use of natural raw materials in our products, the stated values ​​of an individual delivery may vary slightly without affecting the suitability of the product.

Before processing, the load-bearing capacity of the substrate must be checked. The substrate must be dry, firm, free of impurities and separating substances.
Fresh plaster must be 4 weeks old.
Strongly absorbent and m & uum; rbubgruum; uds with Sefra
Grundfestiger or Sefra Hydrosol Pre-treat.
Suitable for any of the above-mentioned substrates
after professional pre-treatment. Any existing glue paint must be completely removed!

Processing temperature:
do not process below + 5 ° C air and object temperature

Covering measures:
The area surrounding the surfaces to be coated in
especially glass, ceramics, paint, clinker, natural stone
and metals must be covered. Wash off paint splashes immediately with
clear water.

Storage conditions
Store tightly closed and frost-free. Do not store below 10 ° C or above 40 ° C. Protect from direct sunlight.

Storage period
12 months if the container is originally closed
When the container is opened, seal it well and
use it as soon as possible.

& nbsp;

VOC content
Kat A & copy; 30 g / l (2010) this product contains & lt; 30 g / l

Austrian Ecolabel UZ 17

57303 (according to & Ouml; NORM S 2100) Do not dispose of with household waste
. Do not allow it to enter drains, soil or
bodies of water. Hand in at
the collection point for problematic substances.
The packaging materials supplied by us are
in the collection and recycling system of
INTERSEROH Austria GmbH (www.interserohaustria.
com, austria @ interseroh .com) No. 121570

No special protective measures required.

Safety suggestion
eyes & amp; Protect skin from paint splashes


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