Professional event technology for municipal event centre.

The newly built event centre is the largest and most modern in the region. It offers space for a total of approximately 2,000 visitors. The two different sized halls are equipped with TÜCHLER’s blackout fabric SUNBLOCK SOFT WP. One of the halls, with its nearly eight-meter-high window front, can be made completely dark. In addition, the curtain can be moved into the hall with the electric track 15.710 to function as a room divider curtain.

Thus, the room is not only perfectly equipped for concerts and plays, but also for exhibitions, balls, corporate events, seminars, lectures, conferences, meetings and much more.

The stage was also equipped with TÜCHLER technology, allowing it to be transformed to perfectly meet the needs of individual events. A combination of various track configurations for the stage backdrops, electric roller screen, lighting trussings and the main curtain make the perfect set-up for every event possible with just the push of a button.

Production & On-site installation
HANDY stage platforms
Electric track 15.710

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