In the free church GVC in TownVillage Winterthur, the foyer, event hall and prayer room were equipped by TÜCHLER.

The foyer is used both as a reception area and as a seminar hall with mobile seating.

If the room is used as a foyer, an area with a curtain is separated so that it can act as a chair storage. The outside of this such formed chair bearing forms the front of the room separation curtain. When used as a seminar hall, the curtain is drawn to the back wall. Thus, the hall is enlarged by the area of the chair storage and the acoustics are adjusted to the requirements as a seminar hall.

For this purpose, a TT2 curtain rail was suspended from the ceiling, which specifies the floor plan of the storage area for the chairs. The partition curtain consists of the darkening and acoustic material SunBlock Soft and is manually pulled to the desired position.

Churchly celebrations are held in the event hall "minuszwei" on stage platforms HANDY.

The event hall was provided with a curtain rail TT2 all around. There are event curtains made of stage molton, which give the hall both the desired acoustic characteristics as well as the typical event ambience.

CH_Winterthur_GvC_Jugendkirche_Veranstaltungsaal_Akustikvorhänge_Ansicht Bühne
CH_Winterthur_GvC_Jugendkirche_Veranstaltungsaal_Akustikvorhänge_Ansicht Regiepult
CH_Winterthur_GvC_Akustikvorhänge_Ansicht OK_Vorhang