One of the most beautiful theatres in Poland was renovated and TÜCHLER played a major role.

In Jelenia Gora (Poland) was a lot of work for TÜCHLER during the renovation: installing new track systems, lifting systems and lighting bridges as well as a system to allow the hall chandelier to be raised and lowered. In addition TÜCHLER was also responsible for manufacturing the curtains and installing an electric roller screen.

TT1 track was used for the new motorised cable track system and LIFT IT PW200, PW300 and PW500 reel winches were installed for the lifting system. These compact BGV-C1 winches could be optimally chosen for the required load limits. LIFT IT winches were also installed for the lifting system to allow the hall chandelier to be raised and lowered. All these systems can be controlled conveniently from a central control console. 

TÜCHLER was also able to shine in another core area of expertise, namely fabric manufacture with the main curtain and further curtains from stage velour CHOPIN. The 8 m wide electric roller screen SUPERFLAT with a projection screen of WHITE STAR foil is further proof of TÜCHLER’s wide range of expertise.

Development, Production & Installation

  • 15 rm TT1 curtain track
  • Electric roller screen SUPERFLAT, 8 m wide
  • 2x LIFT IT PW 200
  • 3x LIFT IT PW 500 as light hoist
  • 16x fly bars with LIFT IT PW300
  • Control system BGV-C1 with touch controls
  • Main curtain from stage velour Chopin
  • Round backdrops and shawls from stage velour Chopin