In the event centre Bruck an der Mur, the complete stage equipment of TÜCHLER was renewed.  A special feature is the raff curtain, which is positioned in front of the main curtain. It is used to continuously adjust the portal height according to the request of the organizer.
The sound reflectors with integrated lighting bring the sound evenly into the audience.
The list of installed stage technology is long:
Theatrical winds;
Curtain pulling system electric;
Raff curtain electric;
Rotating side alleys;
Substructure of the rotatable side alleys;
Portal truss construction;
Triangular truss beams;
Sound reflectors;
Main curtain;
Background curtains;
Lane curtains;
Raff curtain
Pedestal aprons;
Motorized screen Superflat;
Curtain rails;
blackout curtains;