Since September 2009, 8 Lift-It 600 PW winches have proven their worth in the concert hall with the long tradition on the banks of the Thames.

The requirements of the customer were:

  • 500kg payload for the fly bar
  • 30cm/sec speed
  • Height indicator on the control panel
  • Lifting height 14m
  • Easy-to-use control system
  • Precise manual control
  • A manual control system was expressly requested
  • The entire system should be BGV-C1 compliant

A challenging factor was the building’s two engine rooms built in the 60’s:
They are very small and over the years have been filled with ventilation ducts and other installations. The very limited space available presented a major challenge for both the designers as well as the installation crew from TÜCHLER.

As a solution, special winches were selected from the LIFT IT PW series.
These winches have the advantage that the position of the cable does not vary laterally during winding and unwinding. This enables a very space-saving design and installation in confined spaces. The LIFT-IT PW winches were equipped with sensors to enable the height to be displayed on the control panel.

The project was completed in record time, just 8 weeks after the contract was awarded, including planning, manufacturing of winches and steel structures, control system design and installation.


Construction & Production & On-site installation

•8x PW 600 BGV-C1 cable winches incl. control system

  1. Assembly + installations

    Assembly + installations
    Assembly + installations
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  2. Stage winch LIFT-IT

    Stage winch LIFT-IT
    Stage winch LIFT-IT
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