Music Theatre Linz, which is also a venue of the County Theatre Linz, has been refitted with various TUCHLER stage  curtains. The new music theatre offers four venues: the Great Hall, the Foyer Stage, the BlackBox and the BlackBox Lounge. Each room was equipped with curtains and curtain rails or studio rails from TÜCHLER.

For example, the new two-part main curtain from red stage velour was sewn by TUCHLER. This main curtain was also given TCS lining material. The twelve legs and the four borders were assembled from the black stage velour.

Black and white bobinnet gauze PADUA as well as black and white sharkstooth gauze SUPER were once assembled for the portal veil. The three projection screens were made from the projection films NEVE, DARK PEARL and BLACK PEARL.

The small rehearsal room of the opera received twelve new, pearly white acoustic curtains made of SUNBLOCK SOFT WP, including the curtain track system TT1, with a total length of approx. 49.0 m.

Three new acoustic curtains were also manufactured for the opera's large rehearsal room and the TT1 curtain rail system with a length of 16.5 m was installed.

AT_Linz_Musiktheater_Bühne seitlich_102018_MTL 2_1000pix_80dpi
AT_Linz_Musiktheater_Totale Bühne_102018_MTL 1_1000pix_80dpi