The Haus der Natur operates one of the most powerful public observatories in Europe on the Haunsberg, just outside the city of Salzburg. The VEGA Observatory Haus der Natur is a platform for science, education, culture and society. In contrast to pure research observatories, in addition to the scientific work, the focus is also on education and social responsibility.

With this aim in mind, the Haus der Natur wants to inspire as many people as possible for astronomy and space research as well as foster discussion on these topics in society. For the new construction of the observatory, a three-panel projection screen was installed. A positioning system allows the side panels to be hidden behind the large middle screen.

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Technology and Construction, Delivery & Assembly

Electric track 591 (15910) - 2 systems with 2 drives - each approx. 2.5 meters, custom Sunblock Soft WP black, frame natural aluminum - size 800 x 450 cm, frame natural aluminum 130 x 380 cm, positioning system for side projection frame 130 x 380 cm, projection foils perforated white