From the rather dryly announced competition for a “New Concert Hall in Stavanger” a concept for an artistic landscape was developed. Inspired by the Norwegian nature, the architectural design is intended to reflect the appearance of the Norwegian fjords and mountains.

The company TÜCHLER was pleased to be able to contribute to the refined interior design. The “Fartein Valen” (Orchestra Hall) now shines with the 23 m x 17 m gathering curtain from stage velour MIDNIGHT. Projections in the Orchestra Hall are viewed on the 13 m x 10 m electric roller screen SUPERFLAT from TÜCHLER, which is covered with the projection foil WIEN.

“Zetlitz”, the multipurpose hall, makes quite an impression with its main curtain of stage velour MIDNIGHT. A mobile track system TT2 was also installed here, which runs in special brackets with a releasable hemp rope drive. The project was implemented on behalf of Waagner Biro.

Scope of delivery:
500m² Stage velvour MIDNIGHT
130m² Projection screen WIEN
13m x 10m Electric roller screenSUPERFLAT
20m x 17m Austrian Curtain RZ inkluding machinery
Curtain tracks and drives 15.710
Special constructions