The Stadtsaal Bludenz was equipped with new stage technology during the corona-related lockdown in the summer of 2020.

Scenery trains and light traverses

Aluminium truss were used as illuminators and backdrop fly bars. Via spring cable drums, both the power supply and the control of the lights are guided from the stage ceiling to the aluminium trusses. The aluminium beams themselves are powder-coated in black and are moved via a chain hoist system. Stabilisers of the pre-stage bar secure it against movements of the moving heads.

Chain hoist system according to DGUV 17/18 (former D8 plus)

The aluminium beams as a backdrop train and light beams are used in set-up mode. Accordingly, chain hoists and control systems are used in accordance with DGUV 17/18 (former D8plus). The chain hoists are low-voltage control (LVC) equipped with limit position switches.

The old roof truss a challenge

The special challenge was the existing roof truss, which itself is not allowed to take any load. Therefore, the load points for some chain hoists had to be moved over beams in such a way that the points prescribed by the structural engineer could absorb the load into the supporting outer wall. For this purpose, a composite was constructed using standard aluminium beams, which on the one hand met the calculations of the structural engineer as well as the difficult installation situation.

Curtain rail TT2 with curtain drive Universal RS-3P for the main curtain

Curtain rail profile TT2 is used for the main curtain rail. The main curtain is moved via a curtain drive type UNIVERSAL RS-3P and the curtain control VARIO with a continuously adjustable speed of the operating-rope of 10-60cm/s. This allows an opening speed of the central opening main curtain of 120cm/s. The curtain movement can be triggered both at the control box itself and via DMX.

Curtain rail TT1 for heavy curtains and large spans for the back drop / cyclorama

For the surrounding horizon curtain, the curtain rail profile TT1 has been chosen for, as it is ideal for the, in some cases very wide distances between the suspension points.  Curtain rail TT1 is designed for very heavy curtains and spans for around 2m. The stiffness of the rail is particularly in demand in the arches of the background rail, which are safe and stable despite fewer suspension points.

Flies an Swivel Legs for alleys

Swivels carrying legs allow the adjustment of the angles of the alleys. The swivels locking mechanisms are unlocked by a towing rope and placed in the respective position.

Roller screen SUPERFLAT for front projection and rear projection

The projection roller with a net projection surface of 750cm x 400cm is designed as a motoscreen type SUPERFLAT. In this type of electric roller, the tension ropes running alongside the screen are constantly pulling it to ensure that the projection surface has a perfect plan even after many years.

Design and assembly

The entire stage technology was designed by our technicians. The assembly was completed by our assembly team within one week.

AT_Bludenz_Stadtsaal_Ansicht Bühne Bühnentechnik Kulissenzug_80dpi_1000pix

Stage technology Spring cable drum, chain hoists and aluminium traves

AT_Bludenz_Stadtsaal_Ansicht Bühnentechnik Verlagerungskontruktion_80dpi_1000pix
AT_Bludenz_Stadtsaal_Ansicht Vrohangantrieb_80dpi_1000pix
AT_Bludenz_Stadtsaal_Ansicht Bühne_80dpi_1000pix