BMW Relies on Proven Quality: Digital events find the perfect location in three high-end studios in the BMW Welt. Be it optimized streaming packages or TV offerings, the experience reaches viewers directly in impressive quality. BMW also rent to customers who are supported by experts in video, sound, direction and lighting: Since May 2020, images have been projected onto a 15 meter wide, electric roller screen made by the event technology company Tüchler.


T-ROLL roller screens with a projection width of 15 meters and a rolling speed of 50 centimeters per second were produced for the most visited tourist attraction in Bavaria. One of the roller projection screens is equipped with the gray high-contrast foil “Grey Pearl” for rear projection with the projector being placed behind the screen. The second screen is equipped with the white and light impervious projection foil "Black-Back" for classic front projection.

The size of the projection surface and the speed of the motor for particularly quick use, speak for themselves: The simple operation is also quite innovative with a stand-alone control with PLC and a touch panel from TÜCHLER and additional integration into the existing CAT control. This allows for maximum flexibility so the electric motor screens can be controlled from any control panel in the event room.

The project was implemented by Wilhelm & Willhalm Eventtechnology Group for BMW Welt. BMW Welt is a combined exhibition, delivery, experience, museum and event location for the car manufacturer BMW.

Tüchler - Your Projection Professional

Tüchler supplies roller projection surfaces, projection foils by the meter and with welded, almost invisible seams upon request. They are installed in TV studios, event locations, trade fairs, schools, community centers and theaters. Rear, front and high contrast projection foils in white, black and gray, of course flame-retardant with a DIN and EN certification.

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