The Hermann-Staudinger-Gymnasium in Erlenbach was completely renovated in several construction phases. SunBLOCK SOFT was used as window curtains in the classrooms. In the rooms, with higher demands on darkness, such as the chemistry hall and physics hall, the dark colors anthracite and black were chosen. In the classrooms themselves, the colours "ash" and "beige" were chosen. The curtains are moved on our lightweight project curtain rails as a slingshot curtain.

DE_Miltenberg_Gymansium_Fensterverdunkelung 2_80dpi_1000pix
DE_Miltenberg_Gymansium_Fensterverdunkelung 3_80dpi_1000pix
DE_Miltenberg_Gymansium_Fensterverdunkelung 1_80dpi_1000pix