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ECOGARD® B45 is a flame retardant for universal use ECOGARD® B45 protects all absorbent natural materials and many synthetics.Add ECOGARD® B45 to emulsion and latex paints to make normally flammable paints flame retardant. ECOGARD® B45 is abl
Which materials can I protect with ECOGARD® B45?
ECOGARD® B45 protects all absorbent materials made of polyester, polyamide, rayon, cotton, linen, wool and related fibres. This includes brand name fibres such as Trevira, Perlon, Nylon, Dralon, Modal or Lyocell. ECOGARD® B45 protects all materials with absorbent surfaces made of wood, paper and paperboard. ECOGARD® B45 even protects weakly absorbent materials such as straw, reeds or straw flowers.

What is the best way to process ECOGARD® B45?
ECOGARD B45® is a clear, 30% aqueous liquid that is simply sprayed on. ECOGARD® pressure pump sprayers are ideal for the purpose. Dipping or brushing can be indicated in certain cases. It is usually sufficient to dampen the material evenly until it is saturated and stopping before it starts to drip. Then leave the material to dry thoroughly.

How much ECOGARD® B45® do I need if I apply it directly?
For natural materials: 1 litre for 3-8 m² Synthetics: 1 litre for 2-6m² The exact amount can vary depending on the absorbance of the material. Testing should be carried out to establish effectiveness. Repeat the spraying process where necessary once the material is dry.

How much ECOGARD B45® do I need if I use it as a flame retardant paint additive?
30 parts ECOGARD® B45 + 70 parts paint = 100 parts flame retardant paint ECOGARD® B45 is well compatible with emulsion paints. Preliminary tests to establish the compatibility of your paint with ECOGARD® B45 are imperative. Please also test flame retardance and change the dosage if necessary.

Container sizes
1kg bottle 5kg canister 10kg canister 25kg canister 60kg barrel
  • ready for use undiluted
  • effective as a flame retardant additive for emulsion and latex paints
  • highly effective on
  • cotton
  • wool
  • polyester,
  • polyamide
  • rayon
  • cotton
  • linen
  • blended fabrics
  • wood
  • paper
  • paperboard
  • straw
  • approved by building authorities pursuant to DIN4102 B1
  • certified pursuant to EN 13773 and ÖNORM B3820 B1, Q1, Tr1
  • Concentration: 30% (+-1%)
  • nearly odourless
  • colourless
  • ecologically harmless
  • dermatologically tested
  • non-toxic

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Technische Details:
  • Ecogard B45
  • can 5 kg
Warnings and Application notes

usage instructions and warnings for flame retardants!

1. General instructions for use Prior to treatment

please take note of manufacturing specifications, safety data sheets and warnings.
Only impregnate completely dry, clean materials. In general, you should cover all materials which could be affected by the spray mist. In particular, metals, plugs, electrical and electronic devices and also wood, stone, sensitive textiles and wall coverings can react to the spray. Flame retardant chemicals can cause damage such as rust or discolouration and do not constitute grounds for complaint.

2. Carry out testing prior to application!

According to current technological standards, there are textiles and floor surfaces, especially those consisting of synthetic fibres or mixtures which cannot be made sufficiently fire retardant. Therefore it is obligatory to carry out prior tests!

3. Health and work safety

ECOGARD® flame retardants are chemicals which are harmless for health and the environment. However, due to general work safety and health protection, please take note of the following points: Keep away from children; Keep away from food, drink and animal food; Don’t eat, drink or smoke whilst working; Do not inhale the spray; Wear a mask; Wear protection goggles; Avoid eye contact- in case of contact with eyes, rinse with copious amounts of water – seek medical advice in case of complaints; Seek medical advice in case of ingestion; After finishing work, wash hands, clothes and equipment thoroughly with water; Take note of risk of corrosion to iron and non-ferrous metals (cover these); Prior to disposal, clean container thoroughly with water. Please read the safety data sheet!

4. Skin tolerance

ECOGARD® flame retardants are generally well tolerated. Individual cases of allergic reactions are not excluded. Therefore, please avoid permanent skin contact with the product of the material treated with flame retardant. Therefore, treating upholstery is not recommended.

5. Please pay attention to official regulations!

Please pay attention to local official regulations. The purchaser is responsible for enquiring in good time with the competent authorities regarding required norms and documents. In many cases, official representatives require evidence of expert impregnation by a specialist company such as works certificates. Tüchler or ECOGARD® distribution partners provide these services.

Please take note that there are no general approvals for flame retardants. All certificates serve exclusively to document the principle suitability for a flame retardant for a specific material or material group.
Neither flame retardant nor works certificates may be used as a receipt or evidence of fulfilling norms for the flammability class of impregnated material.

Evidence of flammability classes according to norms are only available for a fee after fire testing the material impregnated with ECOGARD by an accredited testing institution. The purchaser carries the risk for attaining the necessary flammability class.

6. Lighter test

Due to reasons of personal safety, the lighter test may only be carried out by trained persons, over non-flammable surfaces, in well-ventilated rooms and exclusively on separated material samples of around 10 x 20 cm side length. Please note that the lighter test does not provide any conclusions regarding the fulfilment of norm related testing!

7. Warning after getting wet, washing or dry-cleaning

ECOGARD® flame retardants are water soluble. If the impregnated material gets wet or is washed, ECOGARD ® will dissolve and must be treated again. The flame retardant effect must be checked again after dry cleaning.

8. Limitations of the effectiveness of flame retardant impregnation

Flame retardants protect against accidents and small fires caused by carelessness. In the case of large fires, arson, use of fire accelerants such as petrol, materials impregnated with flame retardants fail and will add to the fire load..

9. Side effects and liability disclaimer

ECOGARD® products were designed for use on commonly used materials. Dependent on the material, undesired side effects such as: limitation of fastness, such as light fastness/ reduced resistance to rubbing, changes to colour, reduction in strength (tearing/breaking), appearance of corrosion, changes in handling, changes in measurements, changes in soiling behaviour, contour formation due to water drops can occur. Allergic reactions, such as skin irritation, dripping of flame retardant in the case of synthetic fibres, especially acrylic materials, may occur. Refunds and compensation claims based on the aforementioned or similar effects are excluded, regardless of the time period between the occurrence of the undesired side effect and impregnation.

10. Impregnating materials by TÜCHLER

Purchaser warranty claims in accordance with the terms and conditions only apply in the case of written approval provided by TÜCHLER of the objects (materials) to be impregnated and of other objects (materials) in close proximity. In all other cases, the risk of changes to colour, measurements or any other changes, as well as the fulfilment of respective norms for the material impregnated by the seller as well as of other objects (materials) in close proximity are the responsibility of the purchaser.
The abovementioned items, in particular items 5 and 9, apply in full. After impregnation, TÜCHLER issues a works certificate regarding the impregnation work. Please note that this certificate is not deemed as evidence for the fulfilment of norms for flammability classes for the impregnated materials. The recognition of this certificate is at the discretion of the official authorities. Evidence of flammability classes according to norms are only available for a fee after fire testing the material impregnated with ECOGARD by an accredited testing institution. The purchaser carries the risk for attaining the necessary flammability class, as well as the cost for any further impregnation and follow-up testing.

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