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Canvas style cotton weave with smooth surface.

  • Paint canvas screen for theatres & backdrop painting
  • Horizons
  • Covering scenery
  • Backgrounds
  • Panoramas
  • Wall and ceiling coverings
  • the large available breadths enable use without rear lighting, without showing ugly seams.
  • Mollino can be used for projections as a very economical projection cloth - especially Shirting (white, bleached Mollino). Please note however, that Shirting soils easily and must be handled very carefully under clean conditions.


  • Canvas style cotton weave with smooth surface.
  • Appearance like a classic linen cloth/bed sheet
  • available in breadths up to 12 m;
  • stable
  • very good for painting
  • ideal for hanging up in stretched position
  • opaque, but lets light through
  • tends to crease      



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As low as €7.44 €6.20 Regular Price €1,200,000.00
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Technische Details:
  • flame-retardant
  • EN13501 B-s1, d0
  • DIN4102 B1
  • EN13773
  • 100% cotton
  • width 300 cm
  • 160 g/m²
  • appr. 60lm rolls
Warnings and Application notes
Cotton is a natural product so tear resistance can vary from piece to piece.especially for "ecru" or "natural" colour deviations can occur from piece to piece.Never combine different breadths, even if they have the same nominal colour and weave. Every breadth is manufactured on our weaving looms - this can cause slight differences in weave structure and colour hues.

usage instructions and warnings for flame resistant cotton fabrics!

Unless expressly noted otherwise, cotton fabrics marked flame retardant (hardly flammable) are treated with a semi-permanent flame retardant. This means that as long as the material is not soaked or washed, the flame retardant characteristics will persist. Therefore, soaking or washing will cause the loss of fire retardant characteristics. Flame retardant characteristics can be maintained through professional dry cleaning without stain removing agents and a low proportion of water. It is mandatory to carry out tests after dry cleaning.

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