Deep Black Stage Velour

For Your Stage Curtains: Deep Black highTex Velour in the lightSORBER Class


The deepest possible black for your theater or opera house with any light, be it filament lamp, HMI, HQI, LED, etc. for theater backgrounds, backings, backdrops, side legs and soffits.


With the technical evolution of light sources, the requirements for black stage curtains have changed over the decades.Until 1945, only filament bulbs with or without halogen were used, but HMI bulbs came onto the market for the first time in the 1950s. Since the 2010s, theater spotlights based on LED technology have been lighting more and more of the world’s stages. In most theaters, different light sources are all used together.

Depending on the technology, light is emitted with a typical spectrum, ranging from the high red light from the old filaments to spectra from HMI / HQI technology with a comparatively higher proportion of blue, all the way to modern LED technology in which the red color spectrum is almost completely absent: All of this presents the “color black” with enormous challenges.

So that your stage curtains remain as dark as possible in any light: Stage velour in the lightSORBER class

In order for your soffits, side legs, theater backgrounds, backings and all your stage curtains to appear deep black, it must absorb as much luminous flux as possible in every wavelength of the light spectrum.  Light reflections are of course counterproductive and must also be avoided.


So we set off in search of a better solution and found it in the form of new colors and new structures for velours. Thus, the highTex stage velours in the lightSORBER class were born!


Test lightSORBER live on your stage

Several stages have already tested LightSORBER stage velour DD25 and D18. The photos from the tests show that lightSORBER velour

  1. are darker with every light source
  2. the differences in brightness when changing from color to color are smaller. In other words:
  3. colored lights do not appear brighter.

Yes, I would like to make an appointment to test the velours on my stage.


Switching made easy: How to switch to stage velours in the lightSORBER class without having to “change everything”.

Black should optically increase the depth of your stage and set design. The blacker the background, the deeper everything appears. So start using the new lightSORBER velour on the rearmost stage curtains: first switch the backdrop or backing and then switch the soffits and side legs symmetrically from the back towards the auditorium. Step by step, your stage will become deep black.

Different deliveries - different colors? A thing of the past!

Through high-precision controlled dyeing processes, a meticulous inspection and color measurement at TÜCHLER, we ensure the most precise color reproduction on velour according to the state of the art. This allows you to combine newly manufactured curtains with older existing curtains in your theater. Please note, however, that velour curtains in your theater are already completely regenerated and can therefore appear darker than newly installed velour curtains. This effect is significantly less for lightSORBER velours than for conventional velours, but it is still there. Your experienced lighting team will be able to easily “light away” this difference.

So that your Echo velour also matches the stage curtains: lightSORBER stage velours with acoustically effective backing

From decades of experience, it was clear to us at TÜCHLER that it was only a matter of time before a theater or opera house would need an echo curtain in deep black to match the lightSORBER stage curtains. Therefore, we developed an acoustically effective backing that turns lightSORBER D18 and lightSORBER DD25 into the perfectly matching echo velvet.

By the way: Sound damping reports in accordance with EN 354 are available for all stage velours in the lightSORBER class!

Up to 90% improved: storability / glossy streaks and wrinkle recovery

Velours have the property of developing so-called “glossy streaks” on the original roll. The reason for this is the micro-movements of the material as it releases tensions that were introduced during the production process and which begin immediately after it is rolled up. The fibers of the velour surface easily get caught in each other and prevent a homogeneous tension equalization. The result is the appearance of lighter and darker areas on the velour that comes fresh off the roll. These streaks pass with time, but we often do not have time!

With lightSORBER DD25, we were able to reduce this effect, even after months of storage, by around 90%! LightSORBER D18 is also a benchmark for storability in its weight class of 600 g / m². If glossy areas appear, both velours recover much more quickly than comparable velours. The same applies to wrinkles that arise after the finished theater curtains have been folded and stored.

How to save time when sewing: The flat selvedge with gold thread is tension-free and therefore perfect for beautiful seams

The quality of the selvedges has a decisive influence on how the velour curtain hangs. Tension and fiber bulges on the selvedge lead to waviness or puckering at the seams and must be laboriously removed before sewing. lightSORBER velours have flat and tension-free selvedges that simply stay on the velour and leave the finished curtain seam smooth.

The only thing that is easier is the TÜCHLER Sewing Factory:

On our modern rail-guided sewing units, seams are placed dead straight over the full height of the curtain. This is ideal for stage curtains that have to hang particularly flat without any drape.

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    The stage velour lightSORBER DD25 is the reference velour for stage velours where best black is concerned. Its special lightSORBER construction and colouring delivers a colour-neutral and deep black



    The stage velour lightSORBER D18 is the reference velour for the 600g/m² class of stage velours. Its special lightSORBER construction and lightSORBER colouring make it top of the class where a

    from 30 lm €40.38 €33.65

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