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working load: 250 kg, V=4m/min, Model: D8Plus, Norm: DIN56950, Chain security: 8:1, 1-fall, with eyelet, control: LVC, voltage: 400V, 50Hz, Starter circuit: star

Entertainment chain hoist for stationary and climbing operation.
No conversion necessary.

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  • Climbing mode: Carrying capacity = nominal load - own weight incl. chain
  • Included:
    • Chain hoist motor including all the components for the specific model (provided they are model specific, for example: load measurement cells, sensors, double brake)
    • Working time for the assembly of all components. Mounting of chain bag, single chain, etc.
    • Working time for the wiring of all the plugs and sockets
    • Chain bag
    • Bracket for the chain bag
    • !Not included in the price!
      • Consignment

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Technische Details:
  • DIN56950 [for applications as defined by formerly D8plus]
  • to be operated with deticated LVC-controlls
  • rated load 250kg
  • design size A
  • rated speed at 50Hz = 4m/min
Warnings and Application notes

usage instructions and warnings for Chain Hoists!

General safety regulations and organisational measures

The instruction manual for the electric chain hoist must always be available within the operating area of the hoist. The instructions mentioned
in this manual must be strictly adhered to. Furthermore, supplementary to the instruction manual, the statutory regulations governing
general accident prevention and environmental protection are to be enforced.
Operating and service personnel must have read and understood the instruction manual, in particular the safety instructions, before
commencing work. Protective equipment must be made available for operating and service personnel and worn at all times. The operator
or his representative is responsible for supervising operating personnel and ensuring they are aware of the hazards and safety implications
of working with the electric hoist.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical changes to the product or changes to these instructions and assumes no liability
for the completeness and up-to-dateness of these instructions. The original version of these instructions is in the German language. In
case of doubt, the original German original version is exclusively valid as a reference document.

Particular safety instructions

Transport and assembly:

- Electric chain hoists, single parts and large components should be carefully fixed to suitable and technically acceptable hoisting

apparatus / load lifting members

Electrical connection:

- Connection work is only to be performed by personnel specifically designated and trained for the job

Start-up / operation:

- Before initial start-up, as well as daily start-up, carry out a visual check and carry out the predefined user-checks routine

- Only operate the electric chain hoist if the protective and safety equipment provided is ready and working

- Damage to the electric chain hoist and changes in its operational characteristics must be reported immediately to the responsible person

- After use, or when in a non-operational mode, the chain hoist should be secured against unauthorised and unintentional use

- Refrain from hazardous procedures

Periodic checks

Each hoist operator should adequately note all checks, maintenance and inspections performed in the log book, and have these confirmed
by the competent person in charge.
Incorrect or missing entries will lead to forfeiture of the manufacturer's warranty.


Equipment and cranes are to be checked periodically by a specialist. Primarily visual and functional checks are to be carried
out, whereby the state of components with respect to damage, wear, corrosion or any other changes are determined. In addition,
safety equipment is assessed for completeness and efficiency. It may be necessary to dismantle the equipment under
inspection to correctly assess spare parts.


Suspensions must be inspected over its entire length, including covered or hidden parts.


All periodical inspections should be arranged by the operator.


- The warranty is void if the installation, operation, testing or maintenance is not carried out according to these instructions

- Troubleshooting and repair under warranty may only be carried out by qualified persons and only after consultation and agreement

with the manufacturer / supplier. Any modifications to the product or the use of non-original spare parts will void the warranty

• Please be sure to observe national and regional regulations related to the particular application as these may differ greatly even between EU Member States. TÜCHLER is happy to provide all the technical specifications before you make your purchase. It is the buyer’s responsibility to clarify all the regulation requirements before making their purchase. Tüchler can not be held liable for claims relating to non-compliance with regulation requirements, provided their fulfillment was not agreed to in writing in a separate agreement.

• Please note for climbing mode: carrying capacity = nominal load, i.e. own weight incl. chain.

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