Our Passion: Venues

Since 1968 Venues are our passion.

Together we are strong:

This may sound a bit lofty or dramatic to you, but: You, as our clients, are the ones who pay our salaries and wages – not “the company” or “the boss”! - and we are all aware of this fact.

This is a good reason for us to put customer care and orientation at the top of our list of priorities. Thanks to this conviction of ours, we have been able to establish very good relationships with our clients, sometimes over decades, and we regard you as our partners. Let us continue to learn and benefit from each other on a daily basis!

However, even if we all, from the management to every single employee, strive to live up to this our conviction, there still might be something about us which is not exactly to your liking.
Please don’t keep this from us, though: Tell us what you think, we would really appreciate receiving your contribution and learning your opinion.
We aim to improve daily so that you can benefit from our perfect service!

TÜCHLERs claim: we make venues better

Your opinion has always been important to us - read the following story about our company:

Company (hi)story :

After Mr Franz Tüchler founded the company in the 70ies, it was concerned with supplying fire-proof textiles to Austrian theatres, opera houses, multifunctional halls etc, partly on a wholesale, partly on a retail basis. In 1984 Gunter Lach, a textile chemist, took over the company with its staff of four. As they were already well-known in their branch of trade, the company name of Tüchler was kept.

We focus on continually improving our customer and delivery services for a steadily growing clientele in Austria while also successfully launching our products in other European countries - and this has boosted the company into a remarkable upwards trend.

After little more than one year the shop in Neustiftgasse (near the Volkstheater) was already getting too small and the company was forced to move. However, the new premises – about five times the size of the old and also in Neustiftgasse (near Neubaugasse) – was bursting its seams after another two years! Therefore, in 1988 the company again relocated, this time to Abelegasse in the 16th district of Vienna. This 700m²-building housed Tüchler LTD for six years – after which, again, it was getting too small despite rebuilding efforts and the addition of several annexes.

In 2001 today’s premises were newly constructed in Rennbahnweg 78, 1220 Vienna, with approx. 700m² of office space and 2000m² of storage and production space (link to our workshops)
Subsidiaries founded in the Czech Republic in 1998 and in Germany in 2003 represent further milestones in our customer-oriented market development.

In 2019 TUCHLER founded its subsidiary in Russia.

Today, Tüchler supplies far more than 1,000 clients in Austria and several European and Asian countries and has a staff of about 60.