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DREHSTAFFETTE DST-0001_R1 is ideal for use in theatres and venues.
The robust latching mechanism, the precise 30°positions and easy operation from the ground enable you to turn your leg curtains quickly and easily to the right position.

DREHSTAFFETTE DST-0001_R1 can suspend your leg curtains either directly or it can suspend up to two curtain tracks.

Even decorations up to 35 kg are no problem for DREHSTAFFETTE DST-0001_R1.

Optionally, the turning mechanism is also available with a linear slide to allow you to also position the stage depth of your leg curtains or decorations.

In the standard version, DREHSTAFFETTE DST-0001_R1 is a cold-formed hollow steel bar mounted on a joint. Curtains or decorations can be attached to this bar. By pulling on a hanging rope, the rotation lock is released via a robust latching mechanism.

The curtain position can be rotated, or moved linearly with the optionally available linear slide.
After the desired position has been reached, simply lock the turning mechanism in place in 30 ° increments by releasing the rope.

The mechanism comes with a mounting plate with prefabricated holes for installation on the ceiling. Upon request, this mounting plate can also be replaced with a scaffold clamp to allow mounting on trussing and flybars.

Intended use:

  • Permanent or mobile installation at event locations such as community halls, schools, event centres, rehearsal rooms, rehearsal stages, theatres, exhibition halls, concert stages, etc...
  • Operation by a single person without any additional loads
  • For indoor use, the construction must be protected against direct exposure to weathering effects.
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