EXPO CARPET 4EXPO VEL with protective foil

EXPO CARPET 4EXPO VEL with protective foil

  • Trade fair, exhibition and stage carpet for single use for all kinds of temporary events.
  • Version with protective foil.

Exhibition carpet with sher

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Warnings and Application notes
Trade fair carpet for single use. Not suitable for home or project use!Please pay attention when laying, that all the rolls are laid in the same product direction (roll direction). Otherwise the edges may not fit together properly.Fix the edges of the carpet rolls onto the underlay using double-sided tape.Use 4Expo-Power adhesive tape or equivalent. Standard double sided tapes can lose their adhesive characteristics on carpet underlay. From unrolling up to about 12 hours afterwards, the carpet begins to shrink slightly. Slight ripples after sticking will disappear by themselves after this period.
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