Scissor platform system to replicate Golden Hall.

The orchestra stairs in the large hall, better known to many as the Golden Hall, of the Society of Music Friends in Vienna was to be replicated in the new rehearsal space with identical dimensions.

The rehearsal room should also have a level floor, the podium should not swing or sway slightly “in time” with the music and it should also not sound “hollow”. These high demands of large orchestras, notably the Vienna Philharmonic, for precision and acoustic made it clear there could only be once choice: TÜCHLER STAGE LIFTS.

Particular attention was paid to the precision construction of the system to ensure a maximum gap of 2 mm when lowered, instead of the 8-10 mm common for such systems.

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Construction & Assembly & Installation

  • 150 m² stage lifts
  • 50 m² elevating stage
  • Main control panel and emergency control
  • 80 music stands
  • Conductor’s stand, cello boards