TÜCHLER puts the Baltic Philharmonic in Gdansk in the spotlight.

Another example of TÜCHLER customized hoisting technology can be found at the Polish Baltic Philharmonic in Gdansk.

This sophisticated building was originally a power plant, but has been the home of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic since 1996. TÜCHLER was given the task of planning and installing three trussing structures as lighting bridges. It was decided to use TOPKAT BGV-C1 chain hoists and the associated control system.

The power and control cables for the light bridges are in spring-return cable reels and another truss bridge holds the 10 m x 8 m projection screen covered with TÜCHLER projection foil.

The Polish Baltic Philharmonic - Gdansk
"the invisible part"

Development, Production & Installation

  • 6x TOPKAT chain hoists, BGV-C1
  • projection screen
  • control system
  • trussing system