Thanks to TÜCHLER, good theatre can also be enjoyed in a tent.

TÜCHLER’s planning and installation teams only had a very short time to construct the necessary alternative venue for the Deutsches Theater Munich while it was undergoing renovation.

The ground support was constructed in two levels and makes optimal use of the tent’s interior light. The front tower is approximately 15 m, the rear tower is approximately 13 m high.

The overall construction is designed for a carrying capacity of 30 tons. The span of the construction is 16 m and the actual portal opening is 14 m. The “iron curtain” was replaced by a fire retardant curtain in combination with an additional sprinkler system to ensure all the safety requirements were met.

The high carrying capacity ensures the fifteen 250 kg manual counter hoists and the six 1,500 kg lighting hoists are suspended securely. In addition it also holds a PA system weighing approximately 2,000 kg, two suspended lighting bridges, each with a load of 500 kg\rm2, the main curtain and the sprinkler system.

Construction, Production & Installation

  • 15x 250 kg manual counter hoists
  • 23x BGV-D8+ chain hoists
  • 6x 1,500 kg lighting hoists
  • 2x 2,000 kg PA mounts
  • 2x lighting bridges
  • 9 tower ground supports
  • Fire retardant curtain
  • Main curtain and complete stage curtains