We always have fun working for our customers, and sometimes we have a ball... Even though the tension is plain to see in the faces of everyone involved in major events such as the opening celebrations for the UEFA Champions League Final, it is events like these that are the icing on the cake.

Our team's main tasks, in addition to designing and building the 10m cup, consisted of delivering and installing the chain hoists and their subsequent operation during the show. Eight BGV-C1 C-Force machines, each with 45m lift, 20m/min speed and 250kg load capacity, were employed to fly artists and cup around the stadium.

The Force-Control was just as reliable as in June 2007 during the opening celebrations for the FIFA World Cup 2007 in Munich and found a perfect counterpart in our experienced operator. Special hoists on the cables tautened across the stadium roof made sure the artists' 50m flight into the stadium was perfectly safe. Four 9x9m projection screens made from Neve projection material were tautened around a cube and made to fly through the stadium.

Athen 2007

Scope of Service:

•Operation for the show


•1x control system and BGV-C1 chain hoists
•1x cup sculpture
•370 m² projection foil NEVE
•1x cube construction